Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Soulful musicians, sophisticated harmonies, careful imaginative songwriting, singable melodies, but dont let the smooth taste fool ya, they take the unexpected route! Its innovative, intense, introspective, funky-swingin soulphistapop...


Introducing Jesse Gannon and Truth
You need to hear The Truth!

Combine the improvisational elements of soul/broken beat and post-bop grooves with a sophisticated harmonic palette and garnish with introspective, unforgettably lyrical melodies and you have the recipe for a tasty soulphistapop excursion.
Songwriter/pianist jesse gannon and his band TRUTH deliver a shockingly fresh and dynamic show brandishing a fearless and charismatic drummer and a spontaneous melder of rock, jazz, soul styles on guitar. The florid, hand-crafted acoustic and electronic key work jesse provides is a uniquely broad, supportive spectrum of color for his raspy, bold, and at times plaintive song. Completing the lineup are two crisp horns and two bassists(electric and acoustic upright); which is perhaps the most obvious signal among conaisseurs at a performance that something interesting is about to be heard. These sonic artisans provide the Truth with a much broader list of play options and textures.
"If you don't want to be put into a genre, create one!" This innovative music collective was formed by JesseJamesGannon, who as a pianist, writer, producer, and vocalist, has been involved in several musical endeavors in St. Louis and abroad. In addition to playing many of the top musical venues in St .Louis, he has also traveled and shared the stage with such notables as The Temptations, Steve Ewing of the Urge, India Arie and also numerous local artist. His intense performance style and depth of musicality have been a welcome addition to many stages for nearly ten years and counting. Jesse has just released his debut album "Future Vintage' on The Loud Label, and is currently cultivating an underground buzz among musicians and critics and is poised to burst into mainstream ears with a freshness.



Written By: jessegannon

Look at me.. just a vain contradiction.
How can I be secure?
What is cool?
tell me how can I be it ?
They don't know I'm
Everything to everyone..

All that I want is reality within me
That's what I want.
All that I want is just to be free

Watch the world
'cause its ruled by our egos.
Watch us all
as we fall to ourselves.
There's no taste...
only image construction.
Who can be...everything to everyone?


I can see you look at me from the corner of your eye..
watching my reaction to the strories that you try.

I can see you look at me from the corner of your eye..
watching my reaction to the strories that you try.

Restless Mind

Written By: jessegannon

You always call me
Its no surprise
When you're lonely Ill be your guise
for happiness.

We go to dinner
All by myself
And you sit and smoke and stare
whats on your mind

Its hard to be your only friend
But when the wind blows I will bend
You think I put you on the shelf
your mind gets restless by your self.


Living in darkness
no ray of light
put some holes in the wall to see
and make it right

We reminisce the
times long ago
still those memories are etched in stone
Cant let em go


What on your mind ....



debut album

Future Vintage

Set List

The show can be a solo performance all the way up to a seven piece. Original Compositions are the main focus but you'll may also hear some choice covers and arrangements of standards......


Restless Mind
disillusion girl
I Cant Stop
Eye to I
Livin It Up
Come and Stay
Take Your Time
Maybe Never
At Home
Times Are Tough
We Gave It All


Miss You (Rolling stones)
The Ocean (Led Zeppelin)
I Don't Trust Myself (John Mayer)
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonght
Electric Lady land (jimi Hendrix)
Have You Ever seen the Rain (C.C.R.)
I Dont Trust Myself (John Mayer)
Feel Like Makin Love (Eugene Mc Daniels, D'angelo)
Come Together (Beatles)
I Got a Woman
You are So Beautiful

Standards (we can swing you to death and surprise you with creative arrangements)

I Only have Eyes For You
Dolphin Dance
Nightingale Sang in Barkley Square
You're My Everyt