John Ford of the Strawbs

John Ford of the Strawbs


Critically acclaimed British musician, John Ford, whose songs have enjoyed Top of The Pops status, recipient of Gold & Platinum Records & Ivor Novello Award, enjoys a solo career here in the US. Winner of 2009 Best Rock Indie Artist Award.


Originally known as a bass player, Ford joined the Strawbs his percussive bass style influence gave the British Folk/Bluegrass group new definition into the Rock genre, along with addition of Keyboard Mellotron extraordinaire, Rick Wakeman, who later joined YES. John Ford quickly became involved in songwriting which produced the bands #2 Chart hit - “Part of the Union,” lasting 59 weeks, Gold and Platinum Records and an Ivor Novello Award for songwriting. As well, Ford’s “Heavy Disguise,” and music for “Tears and Pavan,” written by Strawbs founding member Dave Cousins, brought the band more success and worldwide recognition, evolving into an Progressive Art Rock Arena band with many appearances on Top Of the Pops and other shows which can be found on YouTube. Ford eventually went on to form other projects, including Hudson Ford, High Society – a 30s style band; Pop-punk band, The Monks, with more Platinum hits, “Nice Legs Shame About The Face,” off Bad Habits and Suspended Animation. Ford went on to his own Solo Project, also working and recording with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night in Blackmore’s Night after relocating to the US, and now a Long Island, NY resident. With his various projects, Ford has toured, headlined and shared the stage with legendary acts Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Ritchie Blackmore, Dave Mason, Ian Lloyd of Stories, Marc Bolan/T. Rex, Steppenwolf, The Eagles to name just a few.

John Ford has appeared on and recorded numerous albums and DVDs. Ford was voted 2009 Best Indie Rock Artist, and Strawbs are 2010 Inductees into Progressive Rock Hall of Fame. Ford’s ninth Solo release, Big Hit In India has gained critical acclaim. Currently, he is recording tracks for 2010 release, Resurrected, as well as, working on a new album release with Ian Lloyd of Stories.

John Ford is represented by Whole Shot Records & Mgmt -


John Ford can be found on many Strawbs albums/compilations and Hudson Ford, The Monks, Elmer's Gantry's Velvet Opera, High Society, Herman's Hermits, Jaymes Fender & the Vulcans albums. Also, appearing on various DVDs and other projects not listed here.

John Ford Solo Discography:
1998 - Love Is A Highway (Whole Shot Records)
1999 – Blackmore’s Night Under A Violet Moon – on 'Wind In The Willows'
2000 - Heading For A High (Whole Shot Records)
2002 - Natural High (Whole Shot Records)
2005 - Backtracking (Whole Shot Records)
2005 - New World - Maxi-Single EP (Whole Shot Records)
2005 - What Ever Happened to Christmas (Whole Shot Records)
2006 - A Christmas Trilogy (Whole Shot Records)
2008 - Big Hit In India (Whole Shot Records)
2010 - Resurrected (post-production (Whole Shot Records)

1998 - Fox Lies Down: A Tribute To Genesis –“Carpet Crawlers” (Cleopatra Records)
2004 & 2008 - Rock 4 Xmas (Rock4Xmas Foundation)
2006 – The Witchwood Project – “All The Songs I Never Heard You Sing” from Heading for a High: Wholeshot Records (Witchwood Media)
2009 – Progressive Rock Hall of Fame: Soundscapes Vol 1 - “Big Hit In India” (PRHoF)
2009 – Timazine Fanzine Issue #4 w/Comp CD– “Big Hit In India” (Whole Shot Records)
and others

Set List

Setlist includes a selection of original material from his various band projects and solo catalogue and usually run 45 min. per set. John also adds material from his favourite bands including Beatles, Tom Petty, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lou Reed, Greenday and others..
Sample set list may include:

Big Hit In India
Part of the Union
Heavy Disguise
Suspended Animation
New World
Nice Legs Shame About The Face
Burn Baby Bun
I Don't Understand
Kissed By The Sun
Love Is A Highway
Together Apart
Wind in the Willows

Together Apart
Forbidden Planet
Strange Universe
Jesus Was A Spaceman

I'll Cry Instead
Perfect Day
Whiter Shade of Pale
Wonder Wall
Midnight Special
PS I Love You
If I Needed Someone
And more…
Running Down A Dream

Rockin' Holiday Setlist:
Whatever Happened To Christmas
Christmas Rendezvous
So This Is Christmas
Run Rudolf Run
White Christmas
Blue Christmas
Silent Night
First Noel
Do You