Johns Daughter

Johns Daughter

Olympia, Washington, USA

Female fronted, original, hard working, talented rock band. Blending classic, blues and pop rock together like nobody's buisness. With passionate lyrics and powerful, sultry vocals, Johns Daughter, has taken the lead in creating a new sound and will continue to do so.



Founded by singer/songwriter, Jennifer White, in 2007. Jennifer is a native to the historic city of Olympia, Washington and loves living in the Great Northwest. Inspired by the suroundings and the rich, local music culture, Johns Daughter has a sound all of their own. With regular gigs across the region, Jennifer has channeled her vision and is working hard with her new 4 piece rock band. "I want to blend the classic rock I love with a fresh, current sound." White says. "I have always known I wasn't just driven pop, blues, or rock but all of them combined." It's hard to put a genre to the music, but I think she does a good job of explaining it. Jennifer comes from a long line of musicians and it's in her blood to be performing and creating music. "We are all very creative and proud of our roots."
If you get a chance, listen to Johns Daughter. You won't be dissapointed! Please refer to ReverbNation and other links, as current band info and videos will be posted there. Thank you and rock on!