Jordan Franz

Jordan Franz

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Bohemian singer/songwriter Jordan Franz is well on her way to becoming one of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s most loved and eclectic, soulful acts in the region. Bringing to the stage an aggressively percussive and moving approach to guitar, Jordan has set her self apart from the cliche sweet melancholy stereotype being beyond genre and categorization yet wide ranging, captivating and infectious.



Jordan Franz intertwines the eclecticism of folktronica & trip-hop to create RAVEN JADE, an organic orgy of culturally influenced new age, progressive music involving loops and live instrumentation such as: Native American flute, guitar, percussion, singing bowl, sitar, theremin, distinctive vocals, and so on. This style of music varies from acoustic folk-rock, to a multifaceted collaboration of tribal hip hop rhythms, stringed, & wind instruments. It speaks volumes with a shamanic undertone, generating a melodious euphoria.

The DUO, RAVEN JADE, (consisting of her, Joshua Stettler, and occasional featured artists) has evolved from an experimental enterprise, creating an interactive performance, both intriguing and whimsical. Just the kind of music that makes the soul dance!



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This is a song inspired by Daniel Katsük's The Gloaming, Dia De Los Muertos. I transformed it into my own version. It's raw and unfinished, but I wanted to share it with you.