Kara Alexis Young

Kara Alexis Young


Kara Alexis Young's music is the perfect combination of acoustic singer/songwriter melodics and soulful, sultry grooves with stunning and thoughtful lyrics that make you really sit back and pay attention. Her live performances are captivating and meditative, leaving audiences moved.



Kara Alexis Young taught herself how to play the guitar at the age of 10 when she discovered her mother’s old Goya buried in the attic. Although she spent years playing covers of other people’s music, in the summer of 2001 Kara began to write her own songs, recording her first album in 2002 and her second album a year later. Since then, she has been captivating audiences across the country with her sultry yet fierce performances and lyrics to match. Her music is a unique synergy of folksy storytelling, hard-hitting grooves, and smooth melodies that perfectly blur the line between folk, soul and jazz. Now, with the help of percussionist Daniel Truog, keyboardist Shad Small, and bassist Sam Heminger, Kara is taking her music to a new level with a live show guaranteed to move you and get you moving.

Kara and her band have opened for artist Goapele and performed at such venues as:
- The Boom Boom Room (San Francisco)
- Air Lounge (Oakland)
- Chandra Cerrito Contemporary Gallery (Oakland)
- Mama Buzz (Oakland)
- John Colins Bar (San Francisco)


CURRENT SET LIST (2008-2011)
"Down to the Bone"
“On Repeat”
“Dear One”
“Extra Ordinary”
“ Find A Way”
“Every Singe Day”

“Did I Mention”
“Past Inhibition”
“I am a Revolution”
“Memoirs of Driving”

“Sarah's Song”
“Memoirs of Driving”
“Holy Place”
“Combat Boots and Guitar”

Set List

1. Linger
2. Find A Way
3. Dear One
4. On Repeat
5. Hips
6. Sugar
7. Given
8. Extra Ordinary
9. Down to the Bone
10. Lover
11. Special Cover Song
12. Did I Mention