Kinase Moves the Audio

Kinase Moves the Audio


Combining the energy and rhythms of afro/cuban music with the explorative and explosive nature of modern progressive rock. Kinase Moves the Audio produces high energy, groovin', danceable music with a a psychedelic twist.


Kinase Moves the Audio is a 8-piece band based in Lansing, Michigan. Band members come from a broad landscape including Nebraska, Texas, Tennessee, Maine and Germany and have worked towards advanced degrees in fields such as neuroscience, zoology, anthropology and mathematics. Kinase Moves the Audio is a unique musical collective creating innovative, exciting and indescribable music that they call "science-boogie".

Fans and crowds often describe the music as a mixture of Pink Floyd and The Mars Volta with the danceable energy of early Santana and Fela Kuti.


Fluid Suspension

Written By: John P Gapp

Resting now in a fluid suspension
When it's time their gonna fish em out
and if they decide the product passes inspection they'll send you on with a
name and a date and time

A Flawless Veil

Written By: John P Gapp

We are the canvas on which the impose
Strict regulations on conduct and code

Method acting
A flawless veil


Written By: John P Gapp

Thoughts eclipsing the expired view,
The jaw will drop when it confronts the truth,
There's talk of mutiny within the crew,
It's antiseptic for the aging wound.

New horizons for decaying skies,
I'm a timeline pilot on a solo flight,
A kamikaze of a different kind,
Supervising from the floating eye.

And like laser light
My precision guides
Telescopic site
and a one track mind.


EP - After Silence...Part 1
Tracks off this EP that can regularly be heard on the awarding winning 89FM include: A Flawless Veil, Idiology and Anthrobotic
The tracks, A Flawless Veil and Fluid Suspension can be heard on

Set List

Kinase Moves the Audio enjoys long sets that provide the band plenty of time for improvised jamming. The group prefers to take very few set breaks and their shows can be 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on what is requested and the energy of the event.
The group has a number of original tunes in its catalog that it rotates to keep things fresh and interesting. The group will occasionally include a cover and have done Pink Floyd's "Dogs", Radiohead's "The National Anthem" and The Mars Volta's "Cicatriz" in the past.