legions of fire

legions of fire


The music is like no other, its tight, hard hitting metal that reaches all sorts of people to bring them together



Legions of Fire is a thrash metal band from Circleville, OH that plays hard hitting in your face metal music. The band signed to Turkey Vulture Records in January of 2008 and just released their debut album "The Mark of Power"in january of 2009. Legions of Fire has very high energy live performances and delivers a non stop show until you are completely blown away. See for yourself at a town near you.


Legions of fire- 2005
Opus to the Rebirth- 2007
The Mark of Power- 2009

Set List

End of Days, The March, Shroud of Death, Defiance, Seasons of Hate, Your Grave Awaits, Cyrus the Vyrus, 5:10 (A World Divided), Dwell Within,

Covers that have been done:
Symphony of Destruction, Children of the Grave, War Pigs, Fire it Up, Parinoid, Cowboys from Hell, Domination, Ace of Spades and Etc.