LKN (Lauren K. Newman) is a blurring, roaring passionate display of musicianship, heart, blood, veins, sweat, sewn guts and disgustingly loud, heavy, rhythmic guitars and drums.


LKN is ONE woman, Lauren K. Newman, on album writing all music and playing all instruments. Live, LKN takes the form of a post-rock power trio in the vein of Shellac, Don Cab, and Shannon Wright. Lauren's music is angular, melodic, passionate and high-energy.

LKN has been featured in Alternative Press, Modern Drummer (July 2006 issue), Punk Planet, Maximum Rock n' Roll, and Skyscraper, among many others. Lauren's album, Postulate I, reached #2 in CMJ's Top 30 for June, 2006. Lauren has also played a wide variety of shows across the U.S. in the past few years, including SXSW, Ladyfest Seattle, Touch & Go Records Anniversary After-Party, and as tour support for bands including Mono, Bellini, and The Butchies. LKN has built a reputation as a legendary performer who is not to be missed. Lauren recently finished recording songs for her upcoming album, No Smoking Room (Summer 2008, Phratry Records), at Audible Alchemy with engineer Christina Files (Mary Timony, Black Dice, Shellac, Shipping News, June of 44).

Lauren K. Newman was raised in Pensacola, Florida, where she began to play drums in punk bands at age 15. When she first began composing, Lauren wanted to make music that no one else was doing; the first incarnation of this was StellaMarie, which began as 4-track recordings and became a touring band that lasted four years. In 2003 Lauren began performing as LKN, writing and recording all of her own material, and taking friends and fellow musicians on the road, sharing stages with the likes of Mary Timony, Scout Niblett, Viva Voce, Amy Ray, TalkDemonic, and many others over the past five years. The live show is a whirlwind of raw energy which mirrors the passionate melodicism of LKN's studio recordings.
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No Smoking Room (Summer 2008, Phratry Records), Postulate II (2007 Greyday Records), Postulate I (Greyday Records 2006), January 2005 10 Songs (Greyday Records), In the Leap Year (2004 Greyday Records)

Set List

6-8 songs original songs, 30-45 minute set length.