L Shape Lot

L Shape Lot

 Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Great American Music that is performed live; with energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and professionalism.


Mixing a healthy amount of musical chops, honest and creative songwriting,
powerful stage presence, and well-sung four-part harmonies, L Shape Lot creates
an original and dynamic Americana sound based in country, rock, bluegrass, and
roots/folk music. Their lively sound explores new ground, while still paying
homage to their predecessors. L Shape Lot is from Wilmington, NC and consists of
four members: Eric Miller (acoustic guitar, vocals), Alex Lanier (electric,
acoustic guitar, vocals) Rick Williams (6 string electric bass, up right bass,
vocals), and John Kovalski (drums, vocals).
Their high-energy live shows have become a hot ticket at both night clubs
and music festivals of all types. This group of veteran musicians has been
perfecting their sound for over 8 years. Its genesis was the steady train-like
acoustic guitar layered over an almost imperceptibly tight country/bluegrass
rhythm section with Eric Miller's booming baritone roots vocals. But it came
into full bloom when Alex Lanier brought his blistering proficiency on both
acoustic guitar and a Fender Telecaster to the mix. In 2009, the band completed
their second full-length studio release, Looks Like Snow, and earned excellent
press and numerous honors including Encore Magazine's Best Band and The Beat
Magazine's Best Country Band. They have become the go-to roots band in the area
for touring national acts, sharing the stage with The Avett Brothers, Peter
Frampton, Drew Emmit from Leftover Salmon, Larry Keel and Natural Bridge,
Chatham County Line, and most recently Railroad Earth. 2010 finds LSL moving
beyond the confines of their coastal stomping grounds to serve up their unique
brand of "on your feet" Americana throughout the Southeastern US.
So what else can you expect at a live L Shape Lot performance? Expect to
hear music ranging from solid originals to classic country, to traditional
bluegrass, to a unique blend of all genres. Expect to dance even if you aren't
good at it. Expect to find out why these guys are consistently invited to play
bluegrass festivals, even though they are typically the only act there that
includes electric guitars and drums. Expect knowledge of and respect for
multiple musical genres and a passion for weaving them together. Expect to see
four gentlemen with the utmost dedication to professionalism and showmanship
having the time of their lives and doing their best to make sure that their
audience does the same.


Looks Like Snow - 2009
Go 'Til I'm Gone - 2006
Live from the Slow Lane - 2005
It Aint Grass....But it Is -2003

Set List

L Shape Lot can play however long is needed.

L Shape Lot can comfortably play one 3 hour set; including cover music.

L Shape Lot has over 75 original songs in their reportoire.

Covers include but are not limited to:
Johnny Cash
Grateful Dead
Steve Earle
Traditional Bluegrass
Willie Nelson
The Beatles
Jerry Reed
Bob Dylan
Bill Monroe
Pink Floyd

A link to live clips: