matilde politi

matilde politi

 Palermo, Sicily, ITA

We play a music that is strongly linked with our Sicilian roots, listening to all the musical influences we got from the Mediterranean cultures that marked our in the history. We always like to continue our researches on traditions,and to bring forth the alive tradition by composing and songwriting


I come from the theatre, but always been a musician, playing various instruments (guitar, accordeon, percussions, balafon, piano...): but as a performer, first of all, I am a singer. What I like most is to dip myself into traditional music of my country and other cultures that in someway I feel linked with me, such as the Mediterranean musical traditions, to repropose them with my own contemporary sensibility. In the traditions I get also the inspiration for new compostions, the songs that I write. My group is made up of very good musicians with very different musical backgrounds, from popular to classical and contemporary music. Our musical arrangements are acoustic tasted: we believe in live music as an opportunity to experience and exchange true feelings and emotions. During the last 12 years I liked to perform in every sort of stage, from the street, between the people, to big international venues (Greece, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands), either in the smallest town of Sicily, or in big festival stages, such as Festival della Medina (Tunisia), Festival au Desert (Mali), Babel Med Music (Maerseille). The most important to me is to be singing, performing and sharing Music in live context.


- SUGNARI, Trio Maaria (Valeria Cimo/Zsivkov Lajos/Matilde Politi) Folkclub Ethnosuoni 2007
- A TIRANNIA - Canti Politici e Storici del popolo in Sicilia - Matilde Politi, Teatro Del Sole 2007
- MATILDE POLITI - Si eseguono riparazioni dell anima , Matilde Politi, ArcimiccicA 2008
- “ONDA MEDITERRANEA” - Curva Minore. Contemporary Sounds - Musica nuova in Sicilia 1997-2007
Regione Siciliana – Casa Museo Antonino Uccello – Curva Minore 2009
- FOLK SONGS FROM SICILY, Matilde Politi, Arc Music 2009
- D'AMURI, GILUSIA, SPARTENZA E SDEGNU. Traditional love songs from Sicily. Matilde Politi 2012

Set List

our concert is made up of 10 to 20 songs, mixing traditionals and original compositions; the duration can be up to 90 minutes, even 120, depending on the situation.
we can also propose two different sets, each one of 45 or 60 minutes.
We choose the song's list in order to alternate the instrumental setting, and to vary the resounding atmosphere