Packed in a 4'11 Korean frame, MAYDA possesses the voice of a tundra tumbling into a frozen lake in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her sound is driven by pop with funk, rock, and vintage samples. Whatever the labels say, MAYDA writes and produces from the soul.


Other Info

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Stereotype EP (2007):
1. Stereotype
2. Dirt
3. Smoke
4. Quick as a Dove (featured as "Song of Day" on MPR's the Current 12/13/2007)

The EP has been streaming on 89.3 FM MPR as well in other radio stations in the US.

The Interrogation 2009
1. My Circuitry
2. Actin Crazy
3. Focus
4. Line it up
5. The Interrogation
6. Inhale (feat. Dessa Darling)
7. The Perfect Mess
8. Dirty Pie Crew
9. Cupid's Occupation
10. Almond Eyes

Set List

Sets can run anywhere from 10 miinutes to 2 hours. It depends on how long the set needs to be filled.