Modernboys Moderngirls

Modernboys Moderngirls


The soul strut and passion of Otis Redding, the gutter melodies and gruff vocals of the New York Dolls, Rock 'n roll that's charismatic, direct and sparking wild with friction. Garage soul music that exists to wears out the needle on the vinyl. That's what Modernboys Moderngirls believe in.



Modernboys Moderngirls started with the idea that Iggy Pop backed by the Funk Brothers or Otis Redding fronting the New York Dolls would be the cat's pyjamas. The band was formed by singer and songwriter Akira Alemany whose background reads like a bad world music album liner note biography - born in Spain, half-Japanese and educated largely in Canada, you can go ahead and call him a mutt and he won't mind. What matters are the songs and Akira's main influences include songwriting kings like Lou Reed, Sam Cooke, Paul Westerberg, Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly. On and on the list goes and the same for Brett Millius, the other most important influence on Modernboys Moderngirls because he's the backbeat and the other founding member of the band.

Together, they experimented in developing their own garage soul sound - dirt-stained, punk-soul music, drawn from old blues, 50s pop, sweet, raw soul, 70s rock and punk. After a few years of frustratingly fiddling about with different lineups, in 2012, things finally came together and the Frankenstein of ideas and musicians was just the way it was meant to be. That happened with the joining of Venezuelan bassist Juan Carlos Rivas and more recently the addition of lead guitarist Milan Schramek.

2012's "Let's Do It!" is their new LP, the title and album artwork inspired by convicted Utah murderer Gary Gilmore's final words prior to execution by firing squad in 1977. It's the right title for a band that's ready to leave it all out on every stage in every city and at every performance.


"Let's Do It" LP (Release date June 30, 2012)

1. How Am I Gonna Get It?
2. All I Want to Believe In
3. Slow, Happy
4. Hot Blaze of Happiness
5. Just An Afternoon (to fall in love)
6. Black Ocean Walk
7. Last Song the Jukebox Played
8. Good Dancing, Hard Times
9. Olive Hearts
10. The Devils We Know

Set List

1 hr of original songs.

covers played by MBMG:
Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers, Under My Thumb, Sweet Virginia
Beatles - Birthday
Alice Cooper - School's Out
Nirvana - Anyeurism
T. Rex - Band a Gong
Springsteen - I'm on Fire
D. Bowie - Rebel, Rebel
The Doors - Break On Through
The Replacements - Shooting Dirty Pool
Otis Redding - Fa fa fa (Sad Song)
Buddy Holly - Rave On
Dee Dee Ramone - Chinese Rocks
New York Dolls - Personality Crisis
Lou Reed - Satellite of Love