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Fun, rockin', bluesy, thought-provoking, toe-tapping, Country Americana traveling music - sweet & sassy sibling harmony. Easy stage presence, easy to work with, easy on the ears.



The best performances come from people who work well together. That would be a major understatement for twin sisters Debbie and Carrie Moore. Having sung together all of their lives, there is something really special about the close-knit harmony they create. Adept at working with an audience and making them part of their performance, Moore & Moore give the all out kind of show that only comes from the heart.

Debbie and Carrie hail originally from Belton, Missouri. It was easy to see that these two were destined for musical careers. As young girls, they were shy performers, resulting in hiding behind the family couch when relatives tried to coax them to perform. To see them on stage today, you would never guess that they would ever do anything else. They grew up listening to old records and would memorize all the words. By the time they were teenagers, they were performing in their church choir, at weddings, talent shows and in numerous school groups. They wrote their high school graduation song and were voted "Most Talented" by their senior class. "We sang our senior class song at the Kansas City Music Hall for graduation. After hearing the applause and seeing how we could touch people through our music, we knew from that moment on.... we were put on this earth to sing!"

After playing clubs all over the United States and Canada, Debbie and Carrie made the move to Nashville, Tennessee. "We were told that a lot of people go back home after giving Nashville only a few months. We had been living in an apartment about that long when a light bulb went out in the ceiling. When we had to stack suitcases to change it, we knew it was time to bring down the furniture and become Nashvillians."

It was a good move for Moore & Moore. In 1991, they released their first single, "Out With The Old" which stayed at #1 for seven weeks on the Independent Charts. This is still the longest running #1 debut single in Independent Chart history. The accompanying debut video won Video Challenge five nights in a row on The Nashville Network's Video PM. There have been four Number One singles since that release: "Steal Me A Heart", "Don't Come Knocking", "Break Down the Walls" and "I Surrender".

From 1991 to present, Moore & Moore have received several awards and nominations from Indie Bullet, Airplay International, TNN/Music City News Awards, BMI, NSAI and NATD. Their success has prompted appearances on WTBS's Roots of Country with Robert Oermann, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show and TNN's Nashville Now, Video Morning, Video PM, Country Beat, Miller and Company, Music City Tonight, Club Dance, Wildhorse Saloon Show, TNN Country News, The Statler Brothers Show, and Prime Time Country, and various shows on CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, GAC and CMT.

In 1994 they were asked to go on tour as the opening act for the legendary Statler Brothers. In 1995, they were honored to make their first appearance on the world famous Grand Ole Opry. Moore & Moore toured with Jerry Springer in 1995 and were featured on his country album, “Dr. Talk”. In 1996, they performed in Korea and Japan for the military and received the Award for International Duo of the Year. In 1997 they toured Europe with the Bellamy Brothers and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. In 1999 they toured Australia and Europe. Debbie Moore co-wrote the song "Wish You Were Here" with Bill Anderson and Skip Ewing recorded by Mark Wills on Mercury Records. It went to #1 on the Billboard, R&R and Gavin Charts in April 1999. Today, Moore & Moore continue to tour all over the world (Scotland and England in 2012 and Ireland in 2013) and have received numerous awards, including “Country Duo of the Year” and “International Entertainer of the Year”. Their album, “Meant To Be” was nominated for the 2007 “Country Album Of The Year” by the Independent Music Awards. Moore & Moore’s single, “Find Me A Man Like Goober” received rave reviews, including Music Row Magazine’s Robert Oermann claiming, “Their twin-like vocal harmonies are absolutely perfect, and the bopping song is as cute as the dickens”. The accompanying video, featuring George “Goober” Lindsey and cameos of 17 legendary artists, has been added to country video outlets worldwide.

Moore & Moore’s previous CD, “The More I Get, The More I Want” included a feature “Listen Up” article in Country Weekly magazine, & a free download of the song, “Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues”. Hosting duties are on the agenda for Debbie & Carrie as filming has begun for a new show with the working title of “Show Me Your Country”, which is also the title cut of their new CD and upcoming single & video!

Recently, Moore & Moore collaborated with Ireland’s Queen of Country, Philomena Begley, for their new single release, “Country Girls Never Get Old” (written by Debbie & Carrie) that is included on Philomena’s new 2013 album, “How I Love Them Old Songs”. The song hit #1 on the Country Airplay Direct charts!

They have shared th


Heartache, Here I Come

Written By: Carrie Moore

Heartache, Here I Come

He looks like the kind of guy who’s broken a lot of hearts
He looks like he could take a piece out of me
I’m really not the kind of girl to get wrapped up in his arms
But heartache, heartache, here I come.
Heartache, heartache, here I come.

He looks like the type of guy who won’t give it a lot of thought
He looks like he could be a minute man
I’m really not the type of girl to get wrapped up in his arms
But heartache, heartache, here I come.
Heartache, heartache, here I come.

I’m in hook, line and sinker
I’ve come too far too fast
I know if this is love, it’s never gonna last.

He looks like the kind of guy who might be passing through
The kind that you don’t wanna bring home to mom.
I’m really not that kind of girl to get wrapped up in his arms
But heartache, heartache, here I come.

My friends are on the outside looking in at me
Saying, “Girl you’re crazy, you’re getting in too deep.”
But I’m here on the inside looking through his window pane
Knowing if I stay here, I can make him ch ch ch change.

I’m really not the kind of girl to get wrapped up in his arms
But heartache, heartache, here I come
Heartache, heartache, here I come
Heartache, heartache, here I come
Here I come.

I Can't Hurt Anymore

Written By: Debbie Moore

I Can't Hurt Anymore

There was a time
You were looking at me
I was looking at you
And the world was in view.
Though it wasn't the focus
We were so much in love
Then the world moved in
And messed things up.

I don't wanna hurt anymore
I just want you standing at my door
I want things the way they were before
I don't wanna hurt
I can't hurt anymore.

Can you still feel me
Cause I can feel you
It keeps me alive
It's seeing me through.
I know you're walking
With me everyday
I'll keep walking on
If you'll lead the way.


Bridge: There's got to be an end to all of this
And a new beginning for us

I don't wanna hurt anymore
I just want you standing at my door
I want things the way they were before

His Song

Written By: Carrie Moore

His Song

Walking through the woods
I heard music sweet and quiet
So I followed all the animals
To a place glowing with light.
As I peeked through the dogwood trees
I saw him standing there
He sang with feeling so rich and true
It filled the country air.

Chorus: And He sang His Song (His Song) His Song
With Him I can’t go wrong
His Song (His Song) His Song
I want to learn to sing His Song.

Animals gathered round him
There were rabbits, deer and birds
All listened to the sound
Of his kind and gentle words.
He stopped singing, then turned around
He knew I was standing there
He held out his hand with love in his eyes
And said “Come on let’s share”.

Chorus: And we sang….

I sang a beautiful song
It’s meaning made me smile
Then he laid down his guitar
And we talked a little while.
We talked about the world
As he held a baby deer
And he said to me “Be ready,
The time is almost here”.

Half Chorus

He said it was time for me to go
And I began to cry
But he told me not to worry
This was not goodbye.
“I’ll be with you always”.
Chorus/We want to learn to sing His Song

Master Of My Own Destiny

Written By: Debbie Moore, Carrie Moore

Master of My Own Destiny

You can cross the border
But you can't change where you came from
You can change the scoreboard
It doesn't mean you've won.
You've got to do your best with what you've been given
Keep on working but don't stop living
Come on and repeat after me
I'll be the master of my own destiny.

Master of my own destiny
Give me time, wait and see
I'm dealing with what life is dealing me
I'll be the master of my own destiny.

You can keep on drinking
And still not quench your thirst
You can be the last in line
But in your mind be first.
You've got to do your best with what you've been given
Keep on praying and just stay driven
Once again, repeat after me
I'll be the master of my own destiny.


Keep your dreams alive
Don't let anybody bring you down
When everybody says "you'll never make it"
Proclaim the new philosophy you've found

I Love It When A Man Does That

Written By: Carrie Moore, Debbie Moore

He makes me coffee when I get up
He puts the cream in my cup
He always tells me how good I look
I like to eat, he loves to cook.
I’ve never met a man like him
He always knows what mood I’m in
Paint the town or just stay home
He’ll dim the lights, turn off the phone.

Chorus: I love it when a man does that
Uncork the wine and rub my back
I love it when a man does that
He does this, and that.

He brings me flowers for no reason at all
And if he’s late, he always calls
He’s my umbrella when it rains
He makes me happy, he keeps me sane.


Bridge: He’s my rock, my wish has been granted
But he don’t take me that way
He’s not all talk, there’s plenty of action
He goes to work, but he likes to play.


Carrie Moore/Debbie Moore
Belton Uncle Music/BMI

God Bless Erica

Written By: Carrie Moore, Debbie Moore, Melody Gallion

God Bless Erica

They sat down at the table and asked God to bless their food
Then he looked up to his daughter and said, I’ve got bad news
Erica began to cry, "Daddy, don’t go back
I need you here with me, it’s your third time to Iraq"
She ran to her room and closed the door
Then he bowed his head once more

God Bless Erica
Keep her safe and warm
Stand beside her and guide her
Protect her from all harm
Lord, I would die for her
And I hope she knows
That no matter how far away I go
She’s a part of my heart and my soul
God Bless Erica

She met him at the doorway, pink suitcase in her hand
She said, I’m going with you, this land is our land
He said, I’m going to fight for us but I have to go alone
You can be my little soldier on the front lines here at home
He kissed her cheek and slowly closed the door
As his plane left the runway, he said the prayer once more


She said, Dad, I’ve got your letters, and after all this time
There’s nothing in this world that can take you off my mind
I love my country, too so today I’m leaving home
To fight for our freedom. I won’t be alone
She took a tear stained letter from her coat
And placed it on his grave with the prayer he wrote


God Bless America

Carrie Moore, Debbie Moore, Melody Gallion
Belton Uncle Music / Bo-Gal Music, BMI c 2008

Feel You Again

Written By: Debbie Moore

It wasn’t meant to happen
But it happened just the same
You came through my life
Like a hurricane
The calm after the storm
Is a calm that’s with me still
No, I don’t regret it
Don’t think I ever will.

Tonight I wonder
Where you are and how you’ve been
I’ve tried so hard not to think of you
But tonight I just can’t hold it back
Your memory’s crashing in
It’s not right to feel this way, but someday
I hope I get to feel you again.

You were someone else’s
I knew that from the start
But when your eyes met mine
You stole my heart
The time I spent with you
Was the best time of my life
The worst was when I knew
We had to say goodbye.


Bridge: I pray that life has shown you
What you had hoped to find
I know there’s something missing
In mine

(Before this world comes to an end)
Someday, I hope I get to feel you again.

Panama City Beach

Written By: Carrie Moore

He looked 36, long brown hair
A perfect tan with an ice cold beer
I liked the way he fed the birds on the beach
I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when
But I knew right there and I knew right then
I had to find a way for us to meet

At Sharky’s Breakers, Tootsies,
The Holiday Inn Tiki Hut
*It don’t matter to me where we hook up
Hammerhead Freds, The Boatyard
**Making love by the sea
Nothing’s out of reach in Panama City Beach

He seemed a little shy, a little withdrawn
I had to make a plan and move it along
After all, I was only here for a week
I watched him walk up to the second floor
Later, I can slip a note under his door
And let him know that I can’t wait to meet

(Billy’s, Captain Jack’s Grill & Pub)

The next day he was out again
With a woman lying next to him
Her diamond ring almost blinded me
He looked my way and he gave me a wink
Then she glared at me, and all I could think
I bet that she could burn so easily
……And I guess he won’t be meeting me

(Dusty’s, Schooner’s Local Beach Club)
* It don’t matter to me, just set me up
** There’s plenty of fish in the sea

Tag: Nothing’s out of reach, except for that man on the beach
And I’m glad I’m only here for a week in Panama City Beach

Tell Me Another Story

Written By: Carrie Moore, Debbie Moore

Tell me another story about the rich man who had no money
Tell me how to make a dream come true
Tell me another story, daddy
Tell me about the girl who married you

I could always count on you to tell me another story
When I was feeling blue, you were there for me
Sometimes you would hold my hand
And give me forehead kisses
I was in a fairyland as I'd tell you all my wishes


You'd smile when my eyes grew wide
And hug me tight when I was scared
I knew nothing was going to get me
My daddy was there


I know that things must change and we have to move on
The hands of time keep turning even now that you're gone
If I had one final wish, it wouldn't be for fame and glory
I just want to hear you tell me.... another story.

Let's Forget While The Forgetting's Good

Written By: Debbie Moore, Bobby Tomberlin, Bill Anderson

You got a promotion and I've got a bottle of wine
The radio says there's a full moon coming tonight
Lately our hearts have had a pretty tough time
Seems like the perfect chance to celebrate the future
And leave the past behind.

Let's forget while the forgetting's good
Bring down the curtain on the crying and the hurting
Start loving like lovers should.
From this night on won't nothing go wrong
Knock, knock, knock on wood
Let's forget while the forgetting's good.

It's downright amazing what I can forget in your arms
It's time to remember the feelings that brought us this far
Let's close our eyes and let passion take us away
And when the morning comes, in more ways than one
It's going to be a brand new day.


Green, Red, White & Blue

Written By: Debbie Moore, Carrie Moore

I’m putting up my Christmas tree
Thinking ‘bout my family
And how we’ll be together here
On Christmas Eve
Home for the holidays
We’ve been blessed in many ways
We’re living in the USA
And we believe.

Chorus: Lord I want to thank you
For all you’ve done for me
For the gift of our Savior
For life and living free
Thank you for my country
And my belief in you
This year my Christmas tree
Is green, red, white and blue.

Sweet land of liberty
This is where I want to be
Peace on earth begins
With each one of us
Light a candle, say a prayer
For our loved ones everywhere
We’re living in America
In God we trust.


Bridge: Now the Christmas star is shining up above
And I’m living in the land that I love.

This year my Christmas tree
Is green, red, white and blue.


Show Me Your Country
The More I Get, The More I Want
Meant To Be
Million Roses
Master Of My Own Destiny
Moore & Moore