MOYCANO is a singer/songwriter with a special voice.


Moycano is a singer/songwriter with a distinctive voice, that has started his journey in London.

Moycano was born in 1982 in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Raised in a business environment he was always encouraged to follow in the family's foot steps. Thank God he didn't!!!

His first album released called "Dawn" is a debut full of stories recorded in late 2007.

Apart from the album already recorded, Moycano in now recording his own music and producing his own tracks. Some examples of his recent work are songs such as "High destinations", "Red, Yellow, Black or White" or even "Charlie's alone". Great tunes!!!

Moycano does believe that in that way he is able to find himself in the sound he makes, creating something that could distinguishe his music.

Once he was asked why the name MOYCANO, he replied:
"Tribes live from the soul and from the nature. My music evolves in that way, similarly to the involvement of nature. It's the natural process of creation which happens like the bloom of a flower, naturally!"

Moycano and his band called "Tribe of the Vibe", now with Terry Burrus (Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Janet Jackson, etc...) as musical director/pianist, are about to start their journey of live performances around London and throughout the UK, who knows, somewhere close to you!

A tour in USA is being planned for 2011.

So look out for this fellow! He could be the start of a whole new scene...

Hit the road Moycano, hit the road!


My Timestep

Written By: Moycano

I can see a man, walking down an endless road alone
The night light and a lonely smile guide him through a street named “Full of Lies”

He leaves without goodbyes
He smiles, and shares no tears or sighs
Father fast goes by
An endless dark road full of lies
He has no tears to cry
He walks alone and fears no loss of time
Of time

And I just want to be alone
Without the need of feeling home
And you don’t want to shed a tear
So I can walk alone on a one way street

Come, bring me love to care, every second I count breaks the steps
Time keeps me hanging on, should I stop, come back to my home instead of leaving you?

Mother’s pride is lost
She talks alone and walks back home
The way all things are through
I fear that most is lost in you
Come and open your heart
Bring me love and bring me smiles
Love I fear that most is lost between you


And I do want to love you
And I do want to be with you
And I do want to share this tear of love with you

High Destinations

Written By: Moycano

A lie
Took me into the sky
The deep blue sky
Took me high

They say I look funny!
Cos I got no money
And I’m full of lies

Let me get high

They said
“We hope you make it”
“Cos life so crazy”
“And full of faces”

God knows
I work but I’m lazy
Keep facing Miss Daisy
And going to places


Wanna Dance Now

Written By: Moycano

I am not a guy in whom you trust your love and care
Boy I’m not the one,
You should be scared of what I am

I take my funky pace to not embrace the love I get
The clock keeps movin’ on
You see the beat must go on

I am dancing in the rain
You take my funky pace again
How can we forget all the pain we get and keep movin’ on?

Wanna dance baby
Wanna dance now baby

And I don’t know why I am lazy?
Why I push ‘til you go crazy?
I should go back to no more lies
And see the rhythm in your eyes

Man this dreamer stopped believing
These unmoved feet lost the rhythm
My heart beat keeps slowing down
Fight now baby
I know our strengths are gone.

I am dancing in the rain
You take my funky pace again
How can we forget all the pain we get and keep movin’ on?

Wanna dance baby
Wanna dance now baby

Tears Of Crime

Written By: Moycano

A timeless beat keeps running through my head and feet
It never waits for me to believe
Maybe we have played with each other’s hearts

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up a little
I think about how different we are
You keep dimming the light and I’ve brightened the dark

Why don’t you come and heal this open scar
that I have got deep inside oh my heart
Just heal these wounded skies up above

We drop tears of crime, never meant to be such a child, my baby
If we could hold and love again without any fear around us
If we could try

Just say you love me
Just say you need me
Just say you want me and I just won’t do it again
Cos nothing else compares to the love we left

Time was lost when two young kids could pray for time to hold
Hanging on to hope, they look for the road that would take them home, without being alone

If time could go back bringing love into your sweet brown eyes
If I could love you more than I’ve loved before, if pain never hung like dark in the rain
Back with no regrets, telling no more threats, live step by step, a little every day

I just want to get through moments we’ve been hanging on
God has let one tear drop, fall into our fields of hope

I read in leaves that we can get a little more hope
Unspoken words that can give us a little more trust
Come and walk through the land of belief


One day we’ll be guilty of everything we left behind and lost in the dark
We’ll be sorry for all that love we could have had without any loss
I still hope to see all that light of ours, that would warm my love and yours
Are we strong enough to keep movin’on without the need for looking to our past?

Red, Yellow, Black and White

Written By: Moycano

Oh I just want to keep on moving on without asleep
I just want to have the strength enough to carry on
All these streets I’m walking
They're dark and they go too deep, slow
Lovely, lovely people
But I start to get sick so
I keep moving my feet
Following my beat to try a hit
Get stronger inside greater outside is enough for me
So I keep walking and walking
But this road is way too deep
So I keep digging and digging
But this hole is way too slim, so

They come and go
They're shy to show
Oh, their slow
But I don’t care if they’re
Red, Yellow, Black or White
They smile and cry
They die and fly
Oh, they’re hi
But I can’t say
This is not my home


Oh I just want to be there with you, Lord
But I don’t know what to do
They keep on pushing me away
They’re pushing me
To see if I fall on my knees
But this little me is tough, you see
Not everyone can pick on me
But aint enough for them to see
The tough and…hush…stop!
I don’t know why I can’t be set free
I just don’t want to be another miserable bit
No I aint gonna be weak
(We dive and cry…)



DAWN (c) 2009
01 - C'mon Kids
02 - Love For Freaks
03 - Wanna Dance Now
04 - Lady In The Cafe
05 - Roll The Dice
06 - Revolution Streets
07 - My Timestep
08 - Flowers Of June
09 - Tears Of Crime
10 - Life Tricks

List of some new songs (to be produced professionally):
01 - Charlie's Alone
02 - High Destinations
03 - Red, Yellow, Black & White
04 - While The World Spins
05 - Keep Standing on My Feet
06 - Santa Wants no Money (Christmas Song)
07 - Getting Started
08 - My City Of Gold
09 - Lost in My Emotions
10 - A Soldier's Wife
11 - I'm Still Standing

Produced Recently at Kensaltown Studios (Producers Andreas Olsson and Martin Terefe):
- One Smile One Child

Set List

Original Songs:
- Tears of Crime;
- Love for Freaks;
- Lady In the Cafe;
- High Destinations;
- Life Tricks;
- Red, Yellow, Black & White;
- Charlie's Alone;
- Flowers of June;
- Wanna Dance Now;
- One Smile One Child;
- Roll The Dice;
- My Timestep;
- C'mon Kids.

- Hit the Road Jack - Ray Charles;
- Lovely Day - Bill Withers.