Nama Rupa

Nama Rupa


"Nama Rupa's conscious, laid-back vibe stands on its own." - Rich Albertoni, The Isthmus


"Nama Rupa... plunging earnestly and urgently into reggae's syncopations and political rants." - The Onion

Nama Rupa is a fresh and soulful musical energy from the Midwest, currently with a home base in Madison, Wisconsin.

Lending a hand to the "one love" reggae community, Nama Rupa has shared the stage with Lee "Scratch" Perry, Devon Evans of The Wailers, Sister Carol, Natty Nation, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Jah Roots, The Cool and Deadly, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Public Property, The Beautiful Girls, Heavyweight Dub Champion, The Drastics and many others.

Dubbed by the press as a "reggae hybrid", Nama Rupa offers a fresh blend of conscious, reggae dub with strong funk, hip-hop and rock undertones. Eclectic beats, catchy melodies and a psychedelic vibe keep fans dancing; while the lyrics, flowing from self-reflective to socially critical, keep them thinking.

Nama Rupa has developed a remarkably healthy fan base throughout the Mid-West in a small time period, performing at venues from Eau Claire, WI to Springfield, MO and everywhere in between and is preparing to move into the national scene.

Whether fast or slow, the songs are always groovin' and Nama Rupa is sure to keep any venue on their feet, dancing and thirsty.



Written By: Nama Rupa

Scraping my resources
in order to avoid
a twenty dollar charge
for insufficient funds
sometimes I’m so frustrated
they’re out to get me
life ain’t fun
I’m like a deer in headlights
flight or flight
run sucker run

I’d cry if I could afford a beverage
to liquefy my tears
consequently a little liquor would likely
nullify those fears
My head seems heavier on the pillow
with each night that goes
In competition with myself
chasing my tail and it shows

Questions I ponder when I question my life
Where are you going, what are you doing
Friends speak behind me and it stings like a knife
Where are you going what are you doing

Every story ends sadly
depending on when you put down the book
So before I turned the light off
I took another look
What I found is something
I really can’t reveal
An explanation’s obsolete
It’s all in how I feel



Recent News:

*Nama Rupa's new studio release for Spring 2010 is currently being mixed and mastered with Mark Whitcomb at DNA Studios in Madison, WI.

*Strong regional grassroots development and performances at Wakarusa, Live Earth Music Festival, Harvest Fest and Job Fest have helped Nama Rupa become a requested and respected act by fans of all genres of music.

*Regular airplay on community radio stations including 89.9 WORT's Tropical Riddims and televised appearances on Urban Theater.

*Live Album "Live! For The People" released Summer 2008 (did surprisingly well in Australia!).

*Nama Rupa has also performed as the backing band for Natty Nation including, touring, televised broadcasts on PBS and Urban Theater, as well as, appearing on two full-length Natty Nation albums including 2008's "Reincarnation".

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Set List

Nama Rupa is professional and versitile. Nama Rupa has the adaptability to play shows from three sets to single sets when playing with other bands, etc.
Nama Rupa plays music designed to accompany dancing and partying. It is a mix of reggae, dub, hip-hop, funk, rock and various island rhythms with two lead vocals interlaced on top.