Innovative indie-rock in the vein of Hum, Dinosaur Jr., and Band of Horses. Wall of sound guitars and melodic hooks combine in songs that may be in your head for days.


The space where strip malls end and grass or moss begins holds tense questions. Near channel this tension into crashing songs dominated by melodic wall-of-sound guitars, thoughtful lyrics and hooks intended to haunt for days.

The songs are fawns birthed by Luke Hensleigh who cut his musical teeth in the late nineties in Champaign, Il when Braid, The Poster Children, and Hum were turning the town’s music scene on its head. After fronting a regionally successful band in the midwest, he has now formed a collection of experienced and purposeful musicians called Near in the Austin area.

The result is demonstrated in the Above the River EP which was recorded in late 2008. The songs are innovative but also lean on influences such as Dinosaur Junior, Pinback, Mazzy Star, Deftones and Band of Horses. Guitars build layers of melodies heightened by keyboard sounds ranging from organic organs to spacey synths all underpinned with percussive pop sensibility. Let us rock intelligently and beautifully.


# 90

Written By: Luke

We move in lines like the ones here before,
with the rich and the poor,
feel the static in time.
Rivers that flow up from springs in the ground
or the rain falling down,
water static like snow.
I found you here in a beautiful cave,
kept the monsters at bay,
living light without fear.
I like to be here with you covered in leaves.
We feel centuries decompose and release.

We get swept away.


Dogwood EP-2008
Above the River EP-2009

Set List

Near plays an all original set list typically 45-50 minutes long; about 10 songs.