ALL ORIGINAL METAL. All came from other bands locally in the TN region, Drummer "eqquesz" is originally from calif. The band has OWNERSHIP good hook lines for radio airplay. Ready for shows. Looking for development, mgmt, booking. WANT TO RECORD LOADS OF MATERIAL. http://www.myspace.com/musicodx


About me: Eqquesz
California Native American. Born in Carson. I grew up primarily in Long Beach and Carson until the age of 20. Touring with Los Caballeros was rewarding led to advancement and interests with other drum and bugle corps i.e. Anaheim Kingsmen, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Sacramento Freelancers etc... Coming to Tenn. was a culture shock since I never knew what it looked like, and I didn’t know what the music scene would be like. In the mall I approached Steve Blevins because of his shirt and asked if he jammed. We played a few gigs for a while with Charlie "Chip" Dollinger, and Jim Pope. My first official band in Tenn. was with Tim Releva, Dave Seay, and Dan Hinton called "Steddy Eddy". We recorded at Classic Studios in Bristol. The title of the album is called “Thrills”. We also did a demo inside WETS with Phil Leonard asking about the new release. Quarterbacks owner Jeff Miller along with Bro. Dave, Ed, and Phil at the Down Home Kitchen gave us gigs. Along the way were a surprisingly line of new and veteran talent are also plenty of new friends and/or bands across Tenn Missing my friends and relatives in Cali. prompted me to travel back and forth between East Coast and West Coast. My second time back in California, I took courses at Grove School of Music, and while attending became interested in the business side of music. Working for a show called “Market Place” as Production Assistant , (still on PBS). One day I met Christine Johnson, who works at Capitol Records. I told her my interest in music, and she asked if I wanted an INTERNSHIP there. I was ecstatic! She introduced me to Vita Ali, asst. to Jalila Larsuel, (MC Hammer) Kathy Bates asst. to Judy Kerr,(Heart) John Kirkpatrick, asst. to Byron Hontas,(Megadeth)Sujata Murthy (reissues everything they put out) and Inez Labonte T7 (floor)/ development/Publicity. I was on time, all the time. My favorite (but embarrassing) time was the unveiling of the mural on the side of the building. (still there, and you now know my age by now) I was there standing in line, waiting to eat (unknowingly)behind Joe Smith,(CEO) and Charlie Haden (jazz great) telling them that I play drums. (“idiot look” SEE MY BLOG SOON) After the 6 month internship, I was given the opportunity to work for CEMA marketing/distribution. Because I was told by the above professionals, "your time on the business side cannot be divided, you either want to play or be behind the one's that do". I had to choose one. I thought that I would try at performing rather than business. A neighbor, actor Patrick Gavin(Tour of Duty) offered me an opportunity to talk to his friend Alan Gaba, owner of American Cartage in North Hollywood, located near dozens of recording studios.( i.e SIR, Lita Ford Studio, etc) We stored daily reels for Warner, Lorimar, all the Burbank TV studios. We also stored music equipment for major bands on tour too extensive to list. I wanted to find anybody to jam with and I was in the right place. I learned more along the technical area after experiencing a FEW shows with Steve Blevins and I.A.T.S.E local 699,( i.e rack work, amps, PSU, dimmers, lighting, truss and reinforcement for mobile sound and video stage operations.) Eventually my interest shifted to Production/Back-line support and Stage Management. But still geared up to play. I worked extensively after I moved, with IA local 122 San Diego. While rehearsing at Universal Sound, San Diego, I met the band Sepultura and befriended briefly Andreas Kisser. I remember after asking him how he started out; his reply was that he didn't want to do anything else. This stuck to me hard and heavy. I had my own space to play in and stayed in good shape. I joined a band called "Wither" we rocked at Brick By Brick and put out EPs. The week was heavy with stage calls from work because of the "Wheel of Fortune." The money was real good, but after the gig returning to my rehearsal room, was non of my equipment. I parted with over $10,000 of my life and moved to Denver for work with Rhino Productions, Denver. Our shows were mainly at Invesco Field, and the Pepsi Center. After news of my dads illness, I came home leaving my last gig to take care of him. After his death, I had a few years hiatus and decided to stay in East Tennessee. I landed a job closest to my heart and home.Bands or theater acts that you may have heard or seen, I probably have worked at it. (too extensive to list) Along with my list are some of the best days that I had working for both The Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, and Museum of Photographic Art, San Diego. (My favorite exhibit, Fances Bacon, Jamex, George Roush) These days my music group "Atomic Ensemble" looks for talented musicians locally; and with a little help from our friends, promotes musical activities regionally. My band is O.D.X. http://www.myspace.com/odxband and http://www.myspace.com/musicodx Our unit is Hard Rock on the heavy side. Many songs in our catalog to choose from. The



Written By: Henkul


Speaking incoherently claiming you’ve seen the light;
hold your hand and tell you it’s okay; we both know it’s a lie.
Turn out the light and sit in the dark here as I watch you die,
Drowning in the fluids that used to keep you alive.

Nothing left in your eyes

You can’t live like this -87 years it took to smoke your life
taken a toll on you that not even GOD can get you by
still believing in things hoping that your good book is not a great lie
defense pushed to the extreme, tap out and say good by

nothing in your eyes
as I watch you die (as you die)

Angels singing their voices stinging; everyone slowly walks by
So bereaved the thought of the pictures of your smile
Last chance for me to say the things that I know you will never hear
your unending enlightening seems to look more like FEAR.


as I watch you die
with fear in your eyes.


Written By: ODX..demo please


Drowning - you keep drowning

Oh god got the waterlung now for you- and trying to adjust the coldness
If I sink down to where it get’s dark- Maybe I can get a bredth and hold it
Thought I would float well when it’ dead- Maybe I ‘m not dead but dying
Swimming against the currents is what did me in-Turning blue but I’m still trying.

(Chours) Drag the river for my body one more time, But I can guarantee
Drag the river for my body one more time, you will not find me
Drag the river for my body one more time,
Drag the river

Soak me to the bone cuz I won’t bleed- for you swinging your knife desperate
Hope you can hold me down and drown me- with all your lifes regrets
waterlogged and facing face down till my eyes have faded
I know this pain will stick cuz I ‘m so sick of the licks we traded


I thought I would kill my self trying to live for you
Don’t hide your lovely eyes and I will show you the truth
I can’t die but I’m not living
Your sins can’t count on my grace to be forgiving
as I sit on my throne high-so high-yeah


killing what I become
killing what I become

one horse race

Written By: odx

One Horse Race

So I take that first breath
And they just smile when they cut the line
Open up the world- to another lost innocent mind

every mothers son
not always the chosen one
which one would you bet on- Smart money is on me

So it seems that I’m lost on a dark path
I’m so fucking tired of walking the line
Broken as your world- Forced to think with a negative mind

every mothers son
not always the chosen one
which one would you bet on- Smart money is on me

Who the fuck are you to think you’re different or any better than me or anyone else
With your fuckin silver spoon- Living your fairy- tale life you’re a fuckin cartoon
You and your hand in your technicolor dreamland- Where your mother tucks you in
Kill yourself and take with you all of those half- assed actors (of life)


Written By: odx


Will not...be the one who falls again
Do not... believe in yourself again
looks a-lot... like I’ll be the only one left standing here again

calibrate- better calibrate- better calibrate- better calibrate yourself this time

I can’t ... let you hear the voices that I hear
they tell me... I am that look of fear
In your eyes...when you sit alone

calibrate- better calibrate- better calibrate- better calibrate yourself this time

do not... think for one moment that I am weak
cannot... be heard if you lack the backbone to speak
stand up... just try to be a big man one time

break out ... try and run from confrontation
fall out... of line and break formation
stand out.... for being the one who can’t pull his own weight.

calibrate- better calibrate- better calibrate- better calibrate yourself this time

you ‘ve only got your self to blame (for this)

fail again... accept that’s it’s your destiny
hand in ... the silver you got betraying me
nail me up... so I can’t hold you down.


Wither- San Diego , Ca. , Steddy Eddy, Tn "thrills", ODX -KILLING WHAT I BECOME. 2008

Set List

2:45, onehorse race, calibrate, devils trade , anything at all, forgotton, sickncomfort, waterlung, gfd, freak thing, chug/hole, these scars, internal bleeding, tie me down (working title), sounds like royalty, flo, crawl back...etc