Olivia Wik

Olivia Wik

Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Olivia is a 19 year old songwriter (Chapter 2 Productions Inc./Cymba Music Publishing) who has written with numerous songwriters and penned more than 150 songs in all genres, including the title track for the 2014 Every Woman Organization compilation CD. She has performed at the CCMAs, Calgary Stampede, Big Valley Jamboree, Westerner Days and the CFR. You can find more about Olivia at www.oliviawik.com.



Olivia is a songwriter for Chapter 2 Productions Inc./Cymba Music Publishing.  She is a 4-time ACMA nominee (Female Artist & Fan's Choice), 2014 ACMA Song of the Year (#Awesome written by Olivia and Chard Morrison), and 2014 Edmonton Music Awards nominee (Artist to Watch). Olivia has been entertaining audiences at main events like the CCMAs, Calgary Stampede's 'Window on the West' & 'Fluor Rope Square', BVJ, Westerner Days, CFR & New Year's Eve at City Hall in Edmonton. 

Olivia has a catalogue of more than 150 original songs and has co-written with numerous songwriters from North America, Barbados, & England. Earlier this year, Olivia, Sophie Serafino and Dan Hill penned the title track for the Every Woman Organization compilation CD called Be Yourself, produced by Rob Wells at OCL Studios. The country hit song, #Awesome, co-written with songwriter Chard Morrison, was released by Connor James in May, 2014 and this past June, folk/pop singer Rebecca Lappa released a new album with a song she and Olivia wrote called Empire. In 2013, Olivia was invited to participate in the prestigious Songworks Camp hosted by the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) and Vince Degiorgio, where Olivia collaborated with top producers Rob Wells, Ari Rhodes and Dan Davidson & Canadian artists Bryan Finlay, Jimmy Whiffen, Cecil Frena, Sophie Serafino and Rachel Woznow. It was here that Olivia, Rob Wells, and Bryan Finlay wrote the pop hit song She's So Hepburn which was released by YTV's 2014 The Next Star contestant Ryland Clark. In 2012, Olivia's talents also caught the ear of TV producer/host Michael-Ann Rowe of the Emmy award winning Detroit PBS show "Off the Beaten Palate". Rowe heard Olivia's song 'Alberta Pride' and requested to use it the Alberta segment. She also asked Olivia to write a specific song for the series and the result was 'Taste the Sun'. This song, produced by Danny Colomby, was used in both Ontario and Alberta segments of the Canadian food & travel show that aired 2013.

Olivia was the winner of the 2012 Global Country Talent Search (Youth), where she traveled to Nashville and Pigeon Forge for the 2013 NACMAI (North American Country Music Associations International) competition. In the 17-20 division, Olivia won awards for International Female Vocalist, International Female Entertainer, Songwriter, & Co-Songwriter (w/ Larry Wayne Clark). 



  • Songwriter, Chapter 2 Productions Inc./Cymba Music Publishing 
  • She's So Hepburn - song cut by Ryland Clark co-written with Bryan Finlay & Rob Wells
  • Empire - song cut by Rebecca Lappa, released June, 2014 co-written with Rebecca Lappa
  • #Awesome - song cut by Connor James, released May, 2014 co-written with Chard Morrison
  • Be Yourself - by Olivia Wik, Sophie Serafino, Dan Hill, w/Rob Wells (producer), title track for Every Woman Organization 2014 Compilation CD
  • Nominee, ACMA - Female Artist, Song of the Year (#Awesome) & Fan's Choice
  • Nominee, Edmonton Music Awards - Artist to Watch
  • Finalist, Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Contest
  • Finalist, Youth at the Blues, Beaumont Blues Fest
  • TV Song Credits - 'Alberta Pride' & 'Taste the Sun'  for Emmy Award Winner Detroit PBS series 'Off the Beaten Palate'
  • Winner, NACMAI International Female Entertainer & Female Vocalist (New Modern Country, Youth)
  • Winner, NACMAI International Songwriter & Co-Songwriter (with Larry Wayne Clark) (New Modern Country, Youth)
  • Finalist, Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Contest
  • Semi-Finalist, UK Songwriting Contest - 'Taste the Sun'
  • Nominee, ACMAs - Female Artist of the Year & Fan's Choice (top 6)
  • Winner, Global Country Star Search (Youth) 
  • Runner-Up, Edmonton Undiscovered
  • Semi-Finalist, UK Songwriting Contest - 'Drive' & 'Visit Me'
  • Semi-Finalist, Lammle's Rising Star
  • Nominee, ACMAs - Female Artist of the Year & Fan's Choice (top 8)  
  • Nominee, CN Award for Youth Artist, 25th Mayor's Celebration  for the Arts


Be Yourself Compilation CD - Every Woman Organization. Available on iTunes