Owen Beverly

Owen Beverly

 New York City, New York, USA

Owen Beverly is known for his southern infused songs with a literary twist. Highlights of this live show run the spectrum from gritty rock n' roll guitars to lushly arranged harmonies. Expect a traditional singer songwriter with an alternative edge.


One benefit of growing up in Mississippi is learning to tell a good story; another is being exposed to a lot of good music. Native Mississippian Owen Beverly pulls the influences of Blues, Gospel, Country music and Elvis into a modern sound that is all his own.

From the hard rock of his 2003 debut The Drunk Lover EP, to the garage americana of The Inlaws, the common thread between Owen Beverly's music is built on the ballad -- a good story woven into music that amplifies and intensifies it. The music is at once soulful and gutsy, tuneful and poetic.

Owen Beverly was playing guitar professionally for a Mississippi Blues band while he was still in high school. He came to Charleston, South Carolina, on a music scholarship and got his degree in classical composition and theory in three years -- all the while writing music and playing in local clubs.
After a hiatus spent painting and repairing houses back home in Mississippi, Owen Beverly now lives in Bushwick, New York where he is an actively sought-out co-writer with such emerging bands and artists as Leslie, Oh Land, Cary Ann Hearst and Steven Fiore to name a few. He is currently recording demos for a forthcoming album and playing residencies in New York City and Brooklyn.


Legs And Scars

Written By: Owen Beverly

Legs and Scars

I feel her in the wind sometimes blowing up the sheets on my close line,
Headed out of Jackson looking for a new life.
Its got me staring at the sun all day scared of myself cause nothing has changed,
I guess I used need a reason to put the needle in my vein.
She says I met someone out on that indian reservation.
And baby it was just like in that old Emylou song,
Now we're living on the highway selling blankets and we got kids.

You must have been alone, you must have thought I was asleep,
There must have been one tear running down your cheek.
As you're tying up hair, putting on shoes in the dark
There's liquor on your on your breath and your breathing hard,
You've got legs and I've got scars.

It was a Friday night, I knew something was wrong cause we didn't fight we just talked a little bit.
And now you're getting dressed in the morning sun and you're putting on high heels and lipstick on,
And I'm thinking it was better than you putting bullets in the gun.
She says I need some time away from this house and the cole mine, but
DO you remember that barbed wire fence and the sycamore limbs I had you up against?
You were doing me wrong leaving in your mind somewhere.

ou must have been alone, you must have thought I was asleep,
There must have been one tear running down your cheek.
As you're tying up hair, putting on shoes in the dark
I bet you never thought leaving me would be so hard.
You got a pair of legs and I've got scars.

You must have said it to yourself,
How could could anybody be so cruel.
To do all the things honey that I done to you.
I hope he leaves you in the night hands down on the bathroom floor,
You're the reason I don't wear my seatbelt anymore,
As you're counting up your scars well honey I got more.


The Drunk Lover EP (2004)
Shooting The Bull (2007)
The InLaws, I Am The Black Woman (2009)
Tent Revival EP (2010)

"Drunk Lover" featured in teaser for Entourage on HBO and "Flight Of The Concords; Season One" DVD. (2008)
"Legs and Scars" awarded Song Of The Year by college radio website Scene SC. (2009)

Set List

Legs and Scars
Government Work
In My Prime
Holy Ghost
Living In Fear
Hello Darlin
Lake Of Fire