Picard Maneuver

Picard Maneuver


2 Geeks. 1 Guitar. Lot's of Laughs.
Picard Maneuver is the leading musical comedy
duo specializing in both nerd humor & good old
fashioned fun. Combining musical
comedy, vaudeville flare, & audience interaction, they make one heck of a show! Celebrating being a nerd & delighting crowds all over.



Picard Maneuver: They’re two nerds you can’t help but love.

Named after an obscure reference from one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Adam Fanshier and Mike Hover have a unexpected, and truly unique blend of musical comedy, vaudeville, improv, physical comedy and audience interaction that delights audiences without fail.

Adam and Mike’s unique brand of humor comes from their very honest presentation of their personal lives. They are two nerds trying to make it in a world full of “cool kids”. Their message is universal; Life is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

You don’t have to be a nerd, or ever watched an episode of Star Trek to enjoy Picard Maneuver. Their act is more than a collection of ‘Fanboy’ inside jokes- It is an honest tale of the ‘every man’. Adam and Mike have a talent for making audiences realize that being an “outsider” is more than OK— it should be embraced! It’s something that Mike proves as he flirts with his unforgettable, and hilarious, “Wookie Dance”.

Picard Maneuver has been delighting audiences all over, performing at The Ice House Comedy Club, Flappers Comedy Club, The Improv, Tommy Rocker's Cantina in Las Vegas, and seen on The Wanda Sykes Show and CBS Comedy Cage Match.

Whether you were beating up nerds in high school, the ones thrown into the trashcan, or watched it from afar, Picard Maneuver is the comedy group for you.


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Set List

45 minute set


• Post Graduation Blues: A 1950’s rock in roll song about life after college.

• Phasers Set to Love: A nerds attempt at dating. Not understanding why Star Trek analogies don’t work as pick up lines, Mike ends up striping down to his starfleet uniform in the search of love, at every show.

• Numbers of Our Love: A love song that results in a love triangle that ends in comedic results.

• Rules of the Holiday: A ska style song, that helps the audience by giving them a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” for the upcoming 3 holidays (song changes throughout the year).

• The Oregon Trail Rap: A hardcore rap about the Educational 1980’s Apple Software game “Oregon Trail” that is played by elementary school kids.

• The Ballad of Unlucky Joe- An Irish Folk song about the unluckiest man in the world, “Unlucky Joe”.

• Fathers Day Disappointment: Jack Johnson style soft rocker. Father’s day always gets the backseat to Mother’s Day. Let us showcase that!

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