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Plus 3


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Based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the rootsy modern-rock band Plus 3 was formed in 2000 and immediately started working on original material. Just three months after getting together, the prolific group unveiled its first EP, "happy little accidents," which contained the track
"I Won't Be Around" - a song chosen as a Top-10 finalist in a nationwide poll for inclusion in a Hollywood Pictures film.

In 2003, the band released the critically-acclaimed "Bad Math," an eclectic mix of radio-ready gems that helped the group gain regional airplay and led to it being voted Northeastern Pennsylvania's "Best Original Band." Critics praised the band's musicianship, songwriting and vocal talents and described "Bad Math" as one of the year's best albums and "a strong collection of straight-ahead roots-rock anchored by a fine sense of melody and crafty lyrics."

"Late Nights and Lost Causes," the group's second full-length album garnered radio airplay and more critical praise. The 11-song CD - which features the soaring, soulful and uplifting rocker "Get Up," the romantic and thoughtful "Meteors," the Stones-esque "Retrace Your Steps" and the melodic and pop-infected "Nerve" - clearly shows a group that continues to grow as songwriters and musicians. Featuring lead vocals from three members and songwriting contributions from everyone in the band, "Late Nights and Lost Causes" reveals a band that is ready for a national audience.


Retrace Your Steps

Written By: Michael Evans

It’s not in your bag. It’s not in the basement.
It’s not in the backseat. It’s not in the vanity.

No; you know where it is?
The last place you’ll look…Retrace your steps.

It’s not in the pantry or in with the laundry.
Remember you saw it and wouldn’t be happy?

It’s not my place to not remember.
It’s not my nature to be careful when I should know better.

It’s not in the afternoons. It’s not in the evenings.
It’s everything in between the night and the morning.

No; you know when it hurts. Retrace your steps.


Written By: Joe Whalen

So there goes another day that felt completely wasted
Because the words escaped me again
I know what I want to say but I don’t know how to say it
And I’m so tired of pretending

I can’t speak – my lips are paralyzed
I can’t believe I am so hypnotized by her
And this dream will go unrealized I’m sure
Unless I get the nerve

So is it better just to wait than risk being rejected?
Because I’m not content as friends
I want to tell her that she’s great and maybe she suspects it
I’m a mess – I hate this dilemma

It’s gone…
My confidence has withered away
But my luck will certainly change today

My Everything

Written By: Mike Krakosky

The way she walks into the room
Like a cool midsummer breeze
And she knows just what to do
When it’s the only thing I need

She is my everything….and more
And she has taken me over

It’s the way she makes me laugh
And the way she lets me cry
It’s the way she finds me fast
When I get all lost inside

I’ve got to find a way to tell her how I really feel this time
She’s got to know it all before she walks away again
These feelings are too strong to hide
There’s always consequences
And if I hold it all inside
I’ll miss out on the rest of my life


Written By: Mike Krakosky

She said that she needed somebody,
She wants to find a reason to live.
She found him falling to pieces,
She said she had something to give.

So, they danced, with no music behind them.
They laughed their troubles away
They cried, as they dreamed together
And they lay, and watch meteors fall.

He found something he could hold onto,
Someone he could understand
She was everything that he wanted,
She was someone who he could not have.

And they danced...

Through all of their lives they never knew
How easy it could be.
Until he looked into her eyes.
They knew it was best to walk away
From this simple twist of fate
Go on with their lives and never forget....

When they danced....


happy little accidents (EP) - 2002
bad math (LP) - 2003 - 4 tracks received regional radio airplay (queen of the crane game, holidays are for hallmark, by the sea, thank you)
late nights and lost causes - 2005 - 4 tracks
currently receiving regional radio airplay (retrace your steps, nerve, get up, meteors)
greatest misses - 2007
"the storm" (single) - 2009

Set List

Typical Original Setlist (60 minute minimum):
get up
retrace your steps
queen of the crane game
revolving door
prom (this could be the night)
hippie drug girl
the edge
thank you
by the sea
local heroes
one last time

If 2 or 3 sets are needed (2 - 3 hours of playtime),
we mix in covers with a 50/50 cover to original split. Covers include genres along the same lines as our originals including pete yorn, ryan adams, buffalo tom, lemonheads, gin blossoms, etc.