1596 Squall COurt, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

Polarity is a heavyweight in the Toronto music scene and has been for the last seven years. They are building a reputation worldwide as a stand out band in the Alt/Prog music scene. They are currently working with Grammy winning Producer David Bottril on their third studio album. When not in studio you can find them selling out The Bovine Sex Club or packing Lees Palace.


POLARITY is a band with a sound truly unique to the world music scene and the world is taking notice.

Hailing from Mississauga Ontario POLARITY has been a band for seven years. They've released two studio albums, played hundreds of Canadian shows and recently caught the attention of Grammy winning Producer David Bottrill (TOOL, MUSE, Silverchair) who's currently co-producing their third studio album.

Their first official music video Tug of War went underground viral and now sits at 500,000 views which is an impressive feat for a completely DIY band.

They are known for their distinctive sound and high energy performance. Jasmine leads the pack of POLARITY with her smooth and powerful vocals while the guys provide a musical landscape of distorted tapping guitars, intricate rhythm and unique song structure. Toronto based blog TMak world had this to say about their most recent Lees Palace show 'They stormed the stage with an intensity of a typhoon and the energy did not dissipate until well after their set. Polarity delivers a diverse sound that borders on heavy metal (but not actually being metal) and prog. At times delivering complex structures like Dream Theater... they are a pure joy to watch on stage...'

This is a band that excites people and leaves a lasting impression. If you see POLARITY live once, you'll quickly become a fan of this underground and emerging band and understand what all the hype is about.



Written By: Jasmine


A watch dog in the skies
with your pixilated eyes
but you don't watch to protect green pastures,
you make sure we're led to hungry bastards

we’re beautiful and soft
but you only want us for our cost,
we’re trusting and naive,
because you taught us to just believe
the men in suits are our friends
and now I see though the veneers
to see
it’s a smile that pretends

its a slaughter house of souls
the young grow weak and cold
disenchanted by this place
its not what we were told
So bite the hand that feeds,
your chips are too salty for me

A watchdog with faulty cries
Spoon feeding coated lies
But you don’t watch to protect the flock
You make sure were scared and afraid to walk

We’ve crystallized inside
And now were paralyzed
Fallen from the skies
We’re angelic souls corrupt with fears and lies

So we will help ourselves
There’s plenty to go round,
But with you as our distributor,
The weak get hungry and drown

Its a slaughter house of souls
the young grow weak and cold
disenchanted by this place
its not what we were told
So bite the hand that feeds,
Your not who I was taught you would be

Inhibited by freedom,
Cut the leash,
Fuck them,
Leave them
Don’t feed them


Death of a Song

Written By: Jasmine

She's innocent
Pure and true
a unique life
that you wish too
shut the world away with
take the time to play with
explore her deep inside
with her you feel alive

Nurse the scratch and ground the kite
preserve her purity she's loosing the fight
Hold on cause she's skipping away
Broken battered
Vocal Static

Lost in her sound
Feelings profound
Her essence lingers
when she's not around
it's a hormonal induced trip with her
a delirious intervenes drip with her

Nurse the scratch and ground the kite
Preserve her purity
she's loosing the fight
Hold on cause she's skipping away
Broken battered
Note Schematic

Feathered whispers and she's all yours, all yours
she frees you of the lonely mind
absorbing you in this moment in time.

Now she's different a battle fought against the tides of change
she's come undone strung loose by her masters chains
Nauseous from the noise
Her words have turned to rust
A nuisance we despise
She left
her life

The Dichotomy

Written By: Jasmine

The Dichotomy
Between dream and reality
Evaporates and is preceded by insanity
The illusion fades and is stripped of the charades
Now a transparent light
Channels the plight
Of understanding the game and not playing right

Now i have both the options
the choice of free will
keeper of one a consequence to none
So hard to break free
A Matrix of thee
Only thing you know
Your way and built personally just so
So why wouldn't you even want to try
When comfortability lays on the other side
Of understanding the game then playing it right

And the Dichotomy fades
and I dream...

Fall into the splash doesn't hurt but propels you down
faster deeper you think you'll drown
but in comes a breath
and its real

An acceptance hard to chew
A justification dependant only on you

And a potential and soul that prefers to carrode
by understanding the game and not playing it right

And the Dichotomy fades

Tug of War

Written By: Jasmine

What sort of God loathing do i keep locked inside?
Cause demons circle like vultures waiting for my will to die
and its not fair i don't care enough to face this hurt
and its not fair i don't care enough to make it work
with only myself to blame for a higher choice crippled in pain

Tug of War for the soul of whore who sells herself short while waiting for more than a moment

But i don't know why
satan lives by my side
and whispers to me at night
and i listen too...

Come my dear your fine
Almost cross the line
Don't you dare look to the other side
You're a fool and now your mind
So just strip one more piece away
You're a cheap soul anyway
Good girl i like the way you play
Underworld is where you'll stay

Free Will Mine