Prey for Sleep

Prey for Sleep


"Taking traditional metal styling and applying a fresh new brutality, they abuse their audience with the sheer power of their song structure. Infusing elements of traditional hardcore with unbridled vocals and a heavy approach that is no less than pure metal." -Chuck Loesch,



We've been lied to, stolen from, and taken advantage of. We've played shows for 300 people and we've played shows for the sound guy and his girlfriend. Over the past 4 years we've seen and done a lot of things, and we've worked harder than we ever thought we would, but we can say with confidence that not only have we earned everything that we have accomplished, but we've fought for it tooth and nail. We're not waiting for a label or an agent to hand us our dreams, we know what we want and we'll do what it takes to get there.


A Bitter Beginning

Written By: Prey for Sleep

promise me that you'll never speak again, keep your mouth sewn shut. We'll be better off... and this self inflicted gun shot to the head should speak loud enough for the both of us. this time there is no turning back. hate compels this one last pathetic attempt at solace. this bottle is begging me to take in all it's poisons. these embers are my only chance at self preservation. just tell me one more time how worthless i've become. charred and black lungs that threaten to collapse serve as reminders of a past that i'd much rather forget. save yourself before they rob you of your hope. promise me that you'll never speak again. keep your mouth sewn shut, we'll be better off.

Bridges Were Meant To Be Burned

Written By: Prey for Sleep

how quickly you became something that you despised. contradicting yourself, stumbling over your lies. know that you have made a fool of yourself, rendering all of your words meaningless. never one to be made into a victim you walked from the wreckage and left everyone else for dead. you were given a choice and you traded it all, isolating yourself from the whole fucking world. retrace the steps back to where you belong, burning the bridges you shouldn't have crossed. cover your tracks like the coward you are, laughing as everything here falls apart. you are the catalyst, the spark setting my world aflame and blackening my heart. how quickly you became something that you despised. you failed. you failed us all.


Written By: Prey for Sleep

hoping, waiting for things to change. i have made every sacrifice that i am willing to. everything is automatic. i'm relinquishing rights to what once were beliefs. count yourself among the favored- in a landscape of fables your kingdom awaits. with my head in my hands I sit, as the words of the father are made unholy again. silent as they plant seeds of discontent. revolutions are born from less than this. witness this rebirth, embrace solitude. know me as the one that made you question your flawless set of beliefs as your faith faded away. you will be reborn- while the walls of confessionals betray the pact they made with god just like you did when the prayers that you whispered became meaningless.


"Prey for Sleep"- Self titled LP, 2006
"The Frailty of Words"- Radio Single, 2006
"...A Bitter Beginning"- Debut Full Length Album, 2008

Three tracks from our debut album are currently in rotation on different radio stations around the US -"Reborn," "The Frailty of Words," and "Bridges Were Meant to Be Burned".

Set List

Empires of Blood and Lust
Death to Reason
Absence (New song from the upcoming EP)
The Frailty of Words
Eliminate All Rational Thought
Forever Dies Today (New song from the upcoming EP)
A Bitter Beginning
Bridges Were Meant to Be Burned

Typically a 35-40 minute set, no covers, just one punch in the face after another. We have more material if a longer set is needed.