Psalm One

Psalm One

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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My hip hop is soul music. I take a songwriter's approach to making it, and being female gives me a much needed perspective. I'm a die-hard indie artist with Rhymesayers Entertainment so I've been around the block and it shows. The hugs are always free and the stories are always real.


Psalm One isn't trying to be your favorite female rapper. She's just trying to be your favorite. She's brings all kinds of goodies to the table. She's sonically soulful, artistic, witty and lyrically unparalleled. Her influences include Stevie Wonder, Fionna Apple, Prince and MC Lyte. She is accompanied onstage by her BFF, Fluffy who handles the gear and the crowd.


Single - "Ginsu Knives" featuring Del
Single - "Woman at Work"
Single - "Better Than The Last
Single - "My Bucket Song"
Single - "Beat the Drum"

Streaming tracks and radio play- "Ginsu Knives"
"Woman at Work"

EPs - "Woman at Work" Volume 1-3, "Get in The Van" Part I & II
LPs - "The Death of Frequent Flyer" Rhymesayers Ent.
"Bio:Chemistry II" released by Birthwrite Records.

Set List

Better Than My Last
Beat the Drum
Rapper Girls
Macaroni and Cheese
You Could Never Juke Me
My Bucket Song

Sets are typically 35-45 minutes in length and any covers are samples from the Hip Hop and Soul realms.