Quarter Monkey

Quarter Monkey

Spokane, Washington, USA

QM = Original Rock Band

"The best part of a band like this is their stand alone sound. They are a testament to all of the influence and experience musicians gather along the way while still having the ability to sound original." - Greg, Nanobot Rock Reviews (http://nanobotrock.com/reviews/1235)



Quarter Monkey has a strong reputation of putting on mind-blowing show after mind-blowing show. All QMs members grew up in Spokane, WA. However, it wasnt until early 2007 that the band would officially take shape. They successfully released their first album Lucy to a thriving audience at a packed show at The Hop in Spokane on November 8th, 2008. In June of 2009, Quarter Monkey ventured a three month West Coast tour. With a kick-off in Spokane, QM advanced down the coast playing shows in: Seattle, Eugene (Black Forest), LA (The Mint & Club Good Hurt), Arizona (Hollywood Alley), Colorado (little Caesar Hot & Ready Band Competition Winner), Montana and more...  More recently, Quarter Monkey performed on Clear Channel Radio (103.1 KCDA Local Lounge), and were featured live performers on KHQ (Channel 6 Local News Morning Show), in Spokane.  They also released their new full-length album, "Got No Name", to an ecstatic audience at The Bing Crosby Theater in November 2013.  Currently, QM is traversing the Pacific Northwest and banking up new original tunes.


Lucy LP (2008)

Key Tracks: 

Royal Jam
Heavy Load
String Theory

Got No Name LP (2013)

Key Tracks:

Colt .45

Set List

QM plays a new set lists of original material for every show.  You never know what you are going to get...