Raiden Integra (R.D. Peoples)

Raiden Integra (R.D. Peoples)

Los Angeles, California, USA
SoloHip HopEDM

There are two kinds of People in the world. There is me; and then there is everyone else...



R.D. Peoples (aka Raiden Integra) is an American recording artist, actor, and fitness model. His eccentricities carry over from his personal life and reflect in the form of a flood full of quality and interesting music. Besides being an EDM Dj/Producer and a highly regarded Hip Hop lyricist, he is also a 'casual cosplayer' and an absolute addict of fitness.

Known for fantasy role-playing tracks in Hip Hop and wildly entertaining transitions in his EDM; R.D. delivers consistently. He doesn't feel it is necessary to stick with one genre; as he is extremely passionate about music as a whole, and continues to earn the respect from peers and fans alike in both arenas. With the recent launch of his Good Noodles label, R.D. Peoples' notoriety is becoming more and more apparent in the U.S. and UK; but his music and persona are currently soaring in Mainland China and Japan.




- Before We Begin 
- Shattered
- K. Damacy
- Machine City
- For the People: Volume 1


- For the People: Volume 2
- For the People: Volume 3


- For the People: 4
- For the People: 5


- Long Live Everything
- Presentiment (Single)


- Rise to Power



- Cosupray (Single)
- Innervation (EP)
- Faces (Single)
- Medusa Music (Single)
- Scrobble Fist (Single)
- Vigor (EP)
- Meta (EP)
- Hallzhou (EP)
- the Rasklapanje (Single)
- Iron Fist (EP)

Set List

*Set can be tailored anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on venue/promoter needs.*

1. Shui
2. Calamity Jane
3. Wazi
4. Zod
5. Come and Get it
6. Cam Girl
7. Laugh Now
8. Superhero