Reality Check 66

Reality Check 66

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My music is an urban version of praise and worship. Every song is an attempt to reach the youth with a message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. Why would I take the gift that God gave me and turn around and glorify myself with that very gift? All Glory is to Jesus Christ.


A battle rapper from the streets, Reality Check 66 grew up in Stockton CA, witnessing violence of all sorts. He began writing poetry at the age of 12 and by 17 was taking his gift of gab to a much higher level. 22 and on the verge of mainstreem fame, he made a life changing decision. Reality Check 66 gave up the riches of this world for the riches of Heaven. With the weight of "making a hit" lifted off of his shoulders Reality Check simply let God do what he needed to. "For with God he is nothing but with God he can do all things." He is a youth leader at Warehouse Christian Ministries, with a passion for the inner city. Hip hop is a tool and a way to worship Jesus Christ. The work Jesus is doing and will continue to do is amazing for for that he is truelly blessed. All praise be to JESUS CHRIST!!

Set List

He Iz, Money, Ride with Him, Anger, Fiyah, Awesome God, These Tears, Who We Are, Jesus Is Lord