Rebecca Lappa

Rebecca Lappa

Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Edmonton singer songwriter, Rebecca Lappa is a storyteller songstress. Her modern folk has earned her CFMA Young Performer of the Year nominations in 2011, 2012, 2013 and a 2013 Edmonton Music Award nomination. Following her performances at the CFMA showcase in Calgary and the Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta 2013 Showcase, she is booking shows across Alberta. See her live and you will be entranced by her vocals and drawn into the depths of her songs.



A storyteller songstress from Edmonton, Rebecca's modern folk sound has earned her 1 Edmonton Music Awards nomination and 3 Canadian Folk Music Awards nominations. Her songs, based on history, myths & poetry, evoke powerful images and emotions. She moves easily from blues to jazz to pop styles and accompanies herself on piano, guitar, banjo or drum. Currently, Rebecca is working on her next CD with producer Barry Allen at Homestead Recorders.  See her live and you will be entranced by her vocals and drawn into the depths of her songs.

 ..the local performer Rebecca Lappa, who looked vaguely like a younger Loreena McKennitt, played songs in a Kate Bush style while singing like Sarah McLachlan. Her original material, including an a cappella rendition of a tune form her folk opera, The Earl, was skillfully and tastefully executed. Clayton Magnusson,, June 23, 2013 

 A prolific songwriter Rebecca's trademark story songs are definitely getting noticed. She received a 2011 CFMA Young Performer of the Year Nomination for her debut album, Not in Neverland. Her 2nd CD, Myths and Monsters, received a 2012 CFMA nomination and a 2013 Edmonton Music Awards Nomination. Shes had her music played on CBC, CKUA, CJSF, CJSR, CJLY, CJUM, CHMR, KAOS. Womens Radio Channel, Festival Radio, Alberta Artists Streaming Radio, Vents Music Podcast, Prairie Belles Podcast and Edmontunes. Myths and Monsters charted #8 on the Top Ten Roots/Country Albums at CFBX and #23 on CHMAs top 31. 

 It seems odd to calla 16 year old a veteran songwriter, but in the case of Rebecca Lappa, its suiting. Lappa hasnt just written a lot of songs----shes written a lot of good songs. Kevin Maimann, Edmonton Examiner, Sept. 4, 2013 

 In June 2013, Rebecca released her 3rd CD Advant Garden produced by Alana Levandoski. This CD includes the song Welcome to Wayne a top six finalist in the 2012 All Albertan Songwriting contest and the winner of the Sonic Youth Category at the 2013 Calgary Folkfest Songwriting Contest. So far, Avant Garden has charted at #27 on CJSRs Top 30 on Aug. 20th and #9 on Ryersons SCOP Top 30 for the weeks of Nov.19th and Nov. 26th and #3 on CFRCs Top Folk/Roots/Blues on Dec. 10. This CD earned Rebecca her 3rd CFMA nomination. 

 "Her song (Welcome to Wayne), was very artistic and it showed a lot of imagination. I was highly impressed. I thought it was in a category unto itself.." Grant Stovel, CKUA host and judge for All-Albertan Song Contest. 

 Besides a new CD, Rebecca wrote the music for 7 songs in Alison Neumans Fringe musical Searching for Normal. She also stretched her wings as a playwright and performer when she debuted her Folk Opera, The Earl for 4-night run at Nextfest. Rebecca also wrote music for the Provincial Archives of Albertas Heritage Song Project and performed in 3 Culture Days Concerts. 

 The teen composer is an incredible artist I was blown away by her incredible stage presence and also impressed that she has successfully created music that switches between different voices, different ages and genders. Laura Raboud, Director of The Earl, Edmonton Journal; June 8, 2013 

 A sought after local performer, she has opened for Back Porch Swing, Joanne Janzen, Maria Dunn and Alana Levandoski. Other highlights are the 2012 & 2013 Galaxie Young Performers Program at the Winnipeg Folkfest, and the Winners Circle at the 2013 Calgary Folkfest. Rebecca has showcased at a 2012 CFMA Showcase in St. John, as a Young Albertan at the Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta 2013 Showcase and at a 2013 CFMA Nominee Showcase in Calgary. 

 Rebecca was a very confident and well prepared presenter at our Highlands Young Readers Conference. She was a very well spoken, open and honest communicator. She dazzled our students with her creative songwriting skills, amazing voice and how she sang from the heart. Eleise Johnston, Curriculum Coordinator Highlands Junior High School 

 Mentoring and giving back to her community are important to Rebecca. She runs a weekly songwriting club and has led songwriting workshops at Highlands Junior High Readers Conference and the City of Edmonton Youth Jam. She believes music can convey powerful positive messages and is sharing her Girl Power Concert in schools and at events this spring. Rebecca also volunteers to perform at charity events such as 2nd Chance Animal Rescue Society, Greenland Gardens Ladies Night Out for Cancer, Easter Seals 24 hour Relay, WEM Hair Massacure, Kipness Centre for Veterans, and Homefest.

Rebecca has received a Harvard Broadcasting Exposure Travel Grant, a Factor Travel Grant and a Victoria School of the Arts Scholarship.









Welcome to Wayne

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
Deep in the Valley beyond Cyprus Hills
The fields lay bare and the milk cow is ill
Son pack your bags, the future's the road
By the dawn, you'll hear that whistle blow

Chorus: whooooo

Verse 2:
Smoke billows up as he hops on the train
Shuts the wooden door against the rain
Closes his eyes, feels warm and safe
Riding the rails to start again

Verse 3:
Welcome to Wayne says the old wooden sign
The train slows to a halt near Rosedeer Mine
This looks like a good place to settle down
So he starts a family in this old mining town

Verse 4:
Comes home from work with coal in his hair
Said they're going on strike, the wages ain't fiar
We can't afford to take a stand
I've got to choose between the union and the clan

Verse 4:
It all went down at the Bucket of Blood
He crossed the line, which could not be done
Tarred and feathered and tied to the train
The last thing he read was Welcome to Wayne

Verse 6:
A little while later his wife cuts him down
Filled with rage she storms back to town
Shot gun in hand, strides through the mud
To find those cowards at the Bucket of Blood

Vese 7:
A gunshot cracks through the crisp November air
The Bucket of Blood goes silent and still
A woman walks out, gun and head held high
The others will never see the morning sky

Senior Delgateau

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:

Senior Delgateau is the terror of the seas

When he's in port he does exactly what he please

In town he finds his Molly, a large glamour puss

Alone they spend the night out as he sings


I'm as sharp as a cactus and as wise as a king

But when I'm your lover you fall under my wing

Feisty as bull, I am a playful Tomcat

You know I'll be slinking back for more

Verse 2

Hellcats are abundant in the nearest cat house

Dark eyes say more than words, His voice makes them purr

He kisses them gently as their worries melt away

They're in for a night nas he sings


But deep in his soul he has a dark pinning need

To leave this port of call and roam the high seas

He'll miss them all dearly but knows there'll be more fun

At the next port he'll start over again

Run Jack Run

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Run Jack Run by Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:

Jack he was a good boy, he just wanted to play

He went up to the mountains, to his hotel hideaway

Things were going fine till the hotel started to shine

Played with his mind, made him commit the worst crime


Run, Jack, run, the ghosts got a gun

They’ll play with your mind and kill what’s inside

Run, Jack, run you’ll go insane

You’ll die in the cold, lost and deranged,

Lost and deranged

Verse 2:

His son was the first to see what to come

When the friend in his mouth started shouting redrum

Jack raises a bat to hit her with a smack

His wife who only wants the old Jack back


Don’t kill them Jack

Don’t grab that axe,

Don’t chase them away in that dark maze

(Repeat above three lines)

All work and no play make’s Jack a dull boy (3X)



Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
Now I was a first run witch
Trying out my first broom stick
When I saw 2 children in the woods
I built them a candy house
And waited for them to come out
My first plan was so brilliant I could scream

And I lost the race with Hansel and Gretel
My flame was extinguished with the wind
The lousiest witch to every exist
A catastrophic failure that’s me

Verse 2:
Next I tried a walking house
But I just got seasick
And the Fates loved philosophy
Macbeth’s friends only cooked
And screamed when I stole their book
Of recipes on how to make toad stew

I know I suck its easy to tell
I can’t cackle very well
My cat hate me and oh golly gee
My boyfriend Doyle just broke up with me
He called me a filthy witch!

Let Them Eat Cake

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
The year was 1786
King Louis XVI ran out of tricks
With his wife he lived a lie
As the children frolicked in Versailles

Verse 2:
They lived in the place of kings
Her shoes they gleamed like diamond rings
They had a ballroom of mirrors
Reflecting vanity to their peers

Oh, no big mistake,
Marie Antoinette did make
She became the Royal bait
If they don’t got bread,
Let them eat cake

Verse 3:
The ladies in waiting played a trick
They spread it wide they made it stick
And the rumors spread like fire
With a wild and hungry desire

Verse 4:
The people were outraged
Her marble palace was a cage
The depths of her conceit
Led to her defeat

Marie tried to runaway
But the red ghost haunted her dreams
She dreaded the final day
Her neck on the guillotine
Her neck on the guillotine
She refused them bread
So they took her head

Porcelain Doll

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
You walk the streets,
Dragging chains round your feet
You need release from your cage to believe
Open your eyes,
Stop hiding deep inside
Spread your wings and try to fly

Are you ready or not
To move it on the dance floor, ooh
All eyes are on you
What you gonna do, ooh
The reflection in the mirror
That’s not who you’re supposed to be
Let your soul fly free

Verse 2:
You can’t live your life behind a closed door
Let your wings catch the breeze
Soaring with glee,
Voice ringing free
Flowing melody,
Calling to me to follow the beat

Are you ready or not
To move it on the dance floor, ooh
All eyes are on you
What you gonna do, ooh
The reflection in the mirror
That’s not who you’re supposed to be
Let your soul fly free

The cracks in your face
You could wear them with grace
You’re a porcelain doll
Standing tall

Chorus 2X
Are you ready or not
To move it on the dance floor, ooh
All eyes are on you
What you gonna do, ooh
The reflection in the mirror
That’s not who you’re supposed to be
Let your soul fly free

Soaring Mountain

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
I ‘m a soaring mountain
My zeniths in the sky
No matter how hard the wind blows
It cannot make me cry
I stand alone with stable, roots embedded in the earth
My mind’s a rock, it is resolved, though my heart is torn and cursed

Verse 2:
A crushing Venus flytrap
Dives for everything it sees
Your underestimation gives me tantalizing glee
I know that I will catch you with patience and with time
A calculating flytrap, intellect that’s sharp like knives

Verse 3:
My dripping sticky summer
Indulges in the heat
Pressing down upon you like syrup on your sleeves
But mercy is a virtue when it comes as peaceful rain
Forgiving to a land of trees, that I water everyday

Verse 4:
To family and friends
A parrot I will be
The conversation flies like a bird from tree to tree
Flashy colored feathers are blinding in your face
Talking for the world to hear, no matter what they say, ay, ay

Verse 5:
I’m a soaring mountain
My zeniths in the sky
Gusty gales and storms will blow
But I wear my crown with pride
Looking for the answers in the bowels of my mind
I am a rock hard mountain, here to stand the test of time


Written By: Rebecca Lappa,based on "The Ballad of Oriana" by Tennyson,from the perspective of the Knight, from the perspective of the Knight

Verse 1:
I saw you there on the castle wall
My betrothed, you were standing tall
The wind did blow, through the night we stole
I’ll rescue you my darling,
The siege will fall

Verse 2:
Swift into the fray we road
Our swords were flashing to and fro
And high upon the castle wall
You’re so beautiful my darling,
You watched my crest among them all

Oriana, Oriana
To you my heart belongs
Oriana, Oriana
Can not live without you
1st chorus: Your love will make me strong
2nd chorus: How could it go so wrong?
4th chorus: In death to you I call (3x)

Verse 3:
There stepped forth a foe on the castle wall
I loosed an arrow to make him fall
But that dammed arrow glanced aside
And pierced your heart my darling,
All I could do was cry

The battle raged but I did crawl, up upon the castle wall
I held your hand and tried my best, to sing your soul to peaceful rest
And silence reigned throughout the land, death had played his final hand
I pulled the arrow from you breast and slowly pushed it through my chest

I Love You

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
I love you, I love you, like paper loves a pen
I love you, I love you, the memories never end
I’ll make my marks on you, cause you know our story well
I love you, I love you, fairy tale

Verse 2:
I love you, I love you like hammers love a nail
I love you, I love you when the work is hard like hail
Our minds will never falter and our plans will never fail
I love you, I love you, my sweet travail

Verse 3:
I love you, I love you like raindrops love the sea
I love you, I love you the ocean’s tide is free
The wind will blow true and our boat will take us far
I love you, I love you Northern Star

I know our love is real by the look upon your face
I know our love is strong by your power and my grace
I know it’s meant to be, your eyes they speak to me
Our winding love entwines, you and me

Verse 4:
I love you, I love you, my love will never end
I love you, I love you, together we will tend
The garden of our love, for no weeds will flourish here
I love you I love you, my dear
I love you, I love you, my dear
I love you, I love you, my dear

The Lost Lemon Mine

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
We’re out on the trail searching for gold
The North Saskatchewan’s bitter and cold
The mountains are caped with snow
And I wish that I was back home

Verse 2:
After the Crows Nest Pass we hid our tracks
Jack tells me he’s got my back
Just in case some Natives spy
The cavern that’s caught my eye

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
Will it cost my humanity?

Verse 3:
We creep over and look inside
And our eyes grow very wide
The gold stretched for at least a mile
And I could not contain my smile

Verse 4:
Unroll our packs for the night
To leave at the morning light
We start to fight, unaware
Of the gold’s mystic presence there

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
Will it cost my humanity?

Verse 5:
Jack’s eyes glint in the firelight
And I cannot contain my spite
Grappling for each others throats
I grab hold and Jack begins to choke

Verse 6:
The full moon hung above my head
As the minutes passed it grew red
Jack struggled till the end
And I realized I’d killed my only friend

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
Will it cost my humanity?

I run, yes I run
I run, yes I run
Down through the Crows Nest Pass
To the river at last
Black Jack’s death unhinged my mind
Though I’ve searched I’ll never find
The Lemon Mine

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
Will it cost my sanity?


1)Advant Garden June 2013
2)Myths and Monsters May 2012
3)Not in Neverland March 2011
4)Young Voice Old Soul EP September 2009
5)Rebecca Lappa EP March 2009

Set List

Original songs 3 to 4 minutes each and covers such as "Dog Days are Over", "Rolling in the Deep", "Hallelujah", "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" "Skyfall" and "Landslide".