Urban Rock - Da Fiend, Rive-a-natic style, Dancehall meets rock 'n hiphop, like sugar for water, candypop meets sugacane, bittersweet becomes sweet 'n sticky...


Just when you think the vibes of dancehall and hip hop are at its top and headbangin’ is the only way to loose your mind on ROCK music….meet a band named RIVE!

Charismatic he is! Front man and lead singer Rivelino Rigters knows how to entertain and get to a crowd. With his raw kind of soulful voice he energizes the entire stage.

It has taken more then 10 years of an individual journey through the land of music and entertainment, after Rivelino “Blackrockstar” decided it was about time to exchange a land full of ‘here and there’ musicians for a wicked flashy band! In December 2007 the formation of RIVE (pronounce as reef) was a fact.

Facts so far:

* Serious Talent on Dutch Radio 3FM – 04/08
* 2 months Daily Airplay on 3FM – 04/08 t/m 05/08
* 1st prize soundtrackcontest 'DEAL' – 01/08
* Sold out Tour Northern-Italy – 04/08
* Openingact Chinese Nu Moon Fest – 02/08
* Runner-up 3FM Xnoizz Band Battle – 03/08
* 2 Months of airplay @ Radio 3FM - 04/08
* Airplay Video 'Easy Lover' @ TMF (tv) - 06/09
* Airplay Video 'Easy Lover' @ Xite (tv) - 05/09

Rive is
Sammy “Slammy” de Fretes – Drums
Michael “Miko” Coomans – Electric Guitar
Dmitri “Da Viber” Vijber – Bassguitar
Rivelino “Blackrockstar” Rigters – Vox

Chantal van Schaik - Bandmanager
2RRP - Double R ProduXionZ
Website : www.2rrp.com
E-mail : Chantal@2rrp.com
Tel.nr : +31624-349231
Faxnr : +31847-140275

BAM Records
Rivelino Rigters
Tel.nr : +316430-57687
Faxnr : +31847-140275


New Day

Written By: Rivelino Rigters

New Day (produced by R. Lauw)

Every day is a new day
For me to see
All of the goodness
That follows me

If I can imagine
You surrounding me
Than I’m bound to discover
That fame was meant to be

I’m gonna live forever
I’m reaching for the sky
I’ll make my way to heaven
And you’ll remember why

Now Polly wants a cracker
It’s plain to see
Now I’m feeling much wacker
From the jerkin off constantly



It’s time to wake up
And smell the coffee
Because the quarter is fallen

I said the quarter is fallen baby
That’s the way we do it
In Amstadam,diggybambamdam

Chorus (2x)

I’m gonna live forever
I’m reaching for the sky
I’ll make my way to heaven
And you’ll remember why


Written By: Rivelino Rigters, Johan Bruin, Evert Nieuwstede

(lyrics R.Rigters, Music R. Rigters, J. Bruin, E. Nieuwstede)

O, o, o, oh---- 4x

This is a story
About a family affair
About a girl named Rachel
And a little baby

Her mama tried to warn her
For the boys she used to meet
You’ll get yourself in trouble girl
Out there on the streets

O, o, o, oh---- 4x

She wanna have a baby
Even though she’s seventeen
She’s gonna get herself a man
Just you wait and see

And no one’s gonna tell her
What to do
Cause she’s a full grown woman
And ya’ll don’t have a clue

Pull Yourself, ya gotta pull yourself 2gether
Pull Yourself, ya gotta pull yourself 2gether

Middle 8

Now Rachel has a baby
And she’s looking so keen
But her no good boyfriend
He treats her oh so mean

Now listen up Rachel
I will tell you what to do
Ya gotta pull yourself 2gether
And leave that no good fool

Chorus 2x

O, o, o, oh---- 4x


Written By: Rivelino Rigters

(lyrics R.Rigters, music R.Rigters)

I knew this boy
His name was Roy
And he was three

I never met his dad
Because he left
When Roy turned three

It was the first day of school
His mother felt like a fool
She felt betrayed and she’d been had

She fell down on her knees
Begging Roy’s father please
But he acts so cool

Why must things be the way they are?
Salvation seems so very far
Got people staring back at me
What must I do?

Can you see me?
Do you feel me?
Do you know my name?

Understand me
You must help me
Can you hear my prayer?

Now he’s sixteen
He’s selling crack and heroine
But his eyes could never see
He was getting caught up
In a web of sins

And then his mom’s about to die
Oh how Roy and I cried
Only God knows what hell he went trough

I prayed for hours begging please
Won’t You take this disease
Or let her rest in peace


Chorus (2x)


EP – New Day – 02/08
Single – Growing – 02/08
Single - Hope - 01/09
Single - Easy Lover - 02/09
Album – Rawtentik – 03/09

Videosingle Hope - 2009
Videosingle Easy Lover - 2009

Set List

Easy Lover
New Day
This Time
Kawina Rebel
Best Daddy
Just A Thought
Graveyard Shift
Back 2 My Roots