Taking country/blues/roots music to another place through the unique rhythms, and truly original song stylings that bridge over a hundred years of modern music. A healthy mix of Blues,Folk,Country, Roots music...The perfect ingredients for a musical gumbo,that is the music of RiYeN RoOtS



From the music rich mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.RiYeN RoOtS is the future of singer-songwriter outlaw counrty/blues/roots music.
Giving us raw uncut truth through his music, time and time again. He invities us to take a look at ourselves and the everchanging world around us.
Following in the footsteps of those who have found a way to change the way society thinks about topical issues through his "old timey topical country blues songs",touching on peace,love,freedom,equality,the pursuit of enlightenment, and those good old blues we all feel from time to time.
All the while taking roots music to another place, with unique rhythems of truly original songs.
From the roots to the fruits...RiYeN RoOtS is keeping the real music alive, one show at a time...Currently working on booking 2009-2010 Tour, and finishing up a new cd in the studio with his new band RiYeN RoOtS & ThE FaMiLy TrEe BaNd


It's Time : The Acoustic Sessions 2007 ~ Born Blue 2008 ~ Live At The White Horse Black Mountain 2008

Set List

RiYeN RoOtS performs mostly original material, but can cover hundreds of songs..Literally.From old timey blues of Robert Johnson, and Son House,Johnny Cash,Bob Dylan, to funk chord driven modern hip-hop favorites like Snoop Dogg, and acoustic Wu-Tang.All with Tom Waits-esque story telling, and humor.Covering the roots and the fruits.Seeing a RiYeN RoOtS show is like having a great time,all the while getting an education in the evolution of modern music.."A musical time traveler.." Link Magazine