Rolling Reunion

Rolling Reunion

 Redlands, California, USA

Rolling Reunion has a musical spirit with roots down deep in the experience of blues, jazz, folk, rock and roll, and jamming that really fills all of the soulful hip shaking hunger in all of us. The depth of a Rolling Reunion show is an experience that is timeless, soulful and good ole' fun.


Rolling Reunion is a nationally-touring rock band based in Southern California. These gifted, intuitive musicians have synthesized their influences (including electronica, reggae and funk) with their own flavor of down-home roots rock to create a progressive, exciting and truly original jam sound--a sound dubbed "JAMTRONICA."

RR's songs have the hook-laden pop sensibility and modern electronic sound that is instantly dance-invoking and internationally appealing. Their musicianship and improvisation skills build throughout their shows until audiences are worked into a frenzy. RR has a full, arena-sized sound in any venue. These players are climbing from the roots up, and have often sat with the legends of their feild (Buddy Guy, B.B. King) to learn first hand the traditions of the musical masters. With the use of MIDI guitars, electronic drums and advanced computer software, this high-energy band brings rock and roll attitude in three-part harmony along with a "live DJ" dance sound. RR also works facilitated, crowd-interactive drum circles into select sets.
Their amazing ability to improvise extended instrumental jams through a new and exciting journey at every performance is what keeps their fans coming back to see what will happen next.

Rolling Reunion singer/guitarist Spiro Nicolopoulos has shared stages with such international acts as Radiohead, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt, Damien Marley, Phil Lesh & Friends and more.

The members of Rolling Reunion have come together in Southern California. Two of these players began their careers in the midwest music scene--drummer Chad Patrick is a popular player from Minneapolis and surrounding areas, and bass player Matt McKnight was recruited from Chicago.

The members of Rolling Reunion have played clubs, festivals and major venues across the United States including the much respected Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Baja Bash, the Summer Meltdown, the Chicago Blues Cruise, The Roxy and The Greek Theatre.

Often joining the group, DJ Chris "Hercules" Mathews, has been one of L.A.'s hottest club DJ's since 2000. Chris's endless library of loops, cuts, melodies and effects bring Rolling Reunion to their potential of being full on club rockers. Chris has performed with artists such as De La Soul, KRS-ONE, Black Eyed Peas and many more.

Rolling Reunion’s shows are complemented by an elaborate JBL sound system and multi-media light shows, providing the highest quality live music entertainment.



Written By: Spiridon Nicolopoulos

Mamacita (Lyrics & music by Spiridon Nicolopoulos) How much are you gonna take when you get it? From the center, feel your hip bones shake when I hit it like the winner of your high-stakes of love. No more war, gonna make some love. The groove is the weapon and the spirit’s the mission, and the power to move you is my ammunition. Take aim, put you in my sights, and I bring the boom all through the night. CHORUS: Mamacita, la fiesta, que bonita diabolita, de alma, en fuego, caliente, contigo. World Chant: One love, here we go, everyone bring it. To the whole world, everyone sing it. Three birds singin’, don’t get uptight. For everything’s gonna be all right! How much are you gonna take before you swing back? We’re gonna bring back our own thing back. Got the message and the love, let your mind and your body and your soul get some. The groove is defined as the reason for the rhythm, so why don’t you unwind and shake what you’re given? We got the vibes that’ll penetrate your system ‘til you give all you got and rock how you’re livin’. CHORUS. World Chant.

World Tree

Written By: Matt McKnight and Spiro Nicolopoulos

World Tree (Lyrics by M. McKnight & S. Nicolopoulos. Music by M. McKnight) I know a place we can go, where everything just feels quite right. The people there certainly know. They love to laugh out loud in the moonlight. So take a little shot and you like it. Take a little more when you can. There’s a whole lotta lovin’ and there’s always plenty of it. It’s the greatest thing that you’ll ever have. Be any place that you want to. Take a trip and let it begin. Everyone’s waiting there for you, and everybody’s gotta get in. So climb up to the top and get so high, or follow me on down to the root. The life force of livin’ is the lovin’ that we’re givin', so fuel the fire with forbidden fruit. I’ve been thinking about you, just letting you know that I care. When I get to where I’m going to, I’m gonna see you there. Sisters and my brothers, I know where you’ll be. I don’t want no other, ‘cause I got all I’ll ever need, ‘cause I got all my friends there for me, at the world tree. There’s a party going on in the sunshine, probably going all through the night. It don’t matter what’s yours or what’s mine, and ain’t nobody wrong if it’s right. You never have to lay down the law; here we just live off the land. There’s nothin' else like it and you don’t know 'til you try it, so come on and get it all while you can. Sisters and my brothers, I know where you’ll be. There with all the others, I can’t wait to see. All my friends there for me, at the world tree.

Baby I'm A Soul

Written By: Spiridon Nicolopoulos

Baby I’m a Soul (Lyrics & Music by Spiridon Nicolopoulos) I have lived in the heart of a mountain with a candle of light in my mind. I have soothed the thoughts of the ocean with only surrender to find. I will dance like the last burning person alive in the dead of the night. I will burn like the sun everlasting ‘til I am dissolved in the light. ‘Cause baby, I’m a soul. Is that so hard to figure out? Baby, I’m a soul, and the light is my way out. Let it go like the last final hour, ringing in the bells of your life. And I’ll sow the seeds of tomorrow in spite of the dark of the night. Well, you know the time and the place is depending on how high you feel. You should know there’s no time to replace; you should know all your time is for real. ‘Cause baby, I’m a soul. Is that so hard to figure out? Baby, I’m a soul, and the light is my way out. I want something when the last lights go out. I want someone when the last lights go out. I’m gonna wreck it ‘til the last lights go out. Party ‘til the second that the last lights go out! Shout out on the one-drop to D.C. spirit’s everlasting. Take a toke and chill with it! Put it in the air!

Shining Road

Written By: Spiridon Nicolopoulos

Shining Road/Big Scary Jam (Lyrics & Music by Spiridon Nicolopoulos) Open your hand and please share with me just a moment. It’s more than I’ve got and more than you’re willing to hold. Ask away plenty and I’ll tell you the way to a fortune. I’ve never seen it, but the trip’s worth your weight in gold. CHORUS: All along, following the song, carrying the tune and still on for the ride. Loosen your burdens and run away wild to the good road. Come, bring your guitar and sing me a song on the way. Remind me of things that I am too quickly forgetting. Time’s rolling on and that’s how it’s going to stay. CHORUS.

Realize Yourself

Written By: Spiridon Nicolopoulos and Matt McKnight

Realize Yourself (Lyrics by S. Nicolopoulos and M. McKnight & . Music by S. Nicolopoulos) Realize yourself. A new day is dawning. Look ahead. Realize yourself beyond your wanting. You’re just the blood, the sweat and the tears you shed. Oh, you know where you’re going when you know where you’re coming from. Each and every day, got to find your way. Through all, we’ll overcome. The wind is blowing. Life is going on beneath the sun. Loving is the only thing we’ve got to give. Someday, your time will come. You need to know you’re not alone, you’re not alone. The wind is blowing. Where are you going? Where are you going? Realize yourself. There’s something that’s yearning once again. Don’t deny yourself. Like a fire that’s burning, your light comes shining through and the darkness ends. Do you know where you’re going? Do you know where you’re coming from? Joyful when you bring your love to share, joyful for the time to come. The wind is blowing. Your life has only just begun. Each and every day, got to find your way. You’re not the only one. You need to know you’re not alone, you’re not alone. The wind is blowing. Where are you going? Where are you going? Open your eyes up to the first light of the morning sun. Your heart will rise up, and your fears will be gone. We rely on each other to make it through. Oh Lord, we rely on you to make it through. Oh Lord! Realize yourself. The world keeps on turning. Look ahead. Don’t compromise yourself. You’re like a lamp that is burning: get up to a higher place and let your light be shed. We don’t need no interference, and we know that they can’t get near us. Each and every day, got to find a way. Every day it gets more serious. The wind is blowing, like a voice that calls across the land. Each and every ear shall bend to hear, every tongue shall understand, for we shall know we’re not alone. We’re not alone. The wind is blowing. Where are you going? Where are you going? Lord, can’t you hear it? Hear them spirits? Hear them spirits? Can’t you hear it? Hear the Spirit? Lord, yeah!

Nobody's Fault

Written By: Spiridon Nicolopoulos and Matt McKnight

Nobody’s Fault (Lyrics by S. Nicolopoulos. Music by S. Nicolopoulos & M. McKnight) I had to stay out in the rain and snow, and don’t you know? Better than six feet below. I had to run and hide through the night ‘cause I stole another man’s wife. Then I took his life. And it’s nobody’s fault but mine, nobody’s fault but mine. He took a shot at me when my back was turned, then a fire within me burned. Then it was my turn. So I drew my pistol, then I shot, and he dropped dead on the spot. That’s when my trail got hot. Lord, it’s nobody’s fault but mine. It’s nobody’s fault but mine. I had to run all through the night, runnin’ for my life on a midnight flight. The hellhound loose on my trail, comin’ after me box-and-nail. Lord, my life you spared, but to cut another man down, I wasn’t prepared. And as I lay me down to sleep, Lord, I pray for you my soul to keep. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. It’s nobody’s fault but mine. It’s nobody’s fault but mine.


Rolling Reunion's first full-length CD, "Hip Now," is available at shows, online and in select music stores. Their latest release in '09 features 3 singles and is being aired through out the west coast. They're putting the finishing touches on their second full- length album, expect it to hit the shelves around the new year. 2010!

Also "Brand New Old Glory," '06, and "Falling Forward" '07, and "Solace," 2001 are past solo albums from Rolling Reunion members to check out.

Set List

Rolling Reunion has more than 5 albums of original songs in their catalog. A two-hour power set is their ideal house rocker. They often do as many as three 1-hour sets and more. Covers include Daft Punk, Beck, Bob Marley and many fresh sing alongs. Extensive, energetic jams can fill half a set for an enthusiastic audience. The effect of this band's music is dancing - all night long and lots of it.