Roots Down Below

Roots Down Below


Roots Down Below original blend of reggae, hip-hop, and rock in a high energy show that appeals to people of diverse ages and musical tastes.
the band’s sound has best been described as “rock with funk, soul and an irie vibe.” With hard-driving jams, floating harmonies, joyful hooks, a heavy dose of roots rock reggae and guitarist Brandon Eardley’s propensity towards playing with his tongue (a la Hendrix), a Roots Down Below show gets the people moving, pumping out positive vibes and delivering


In a musical landscape populated with rock, hip-hop, reggae, funk, ska, and R&B artists, what territory can a band claim for its own? Faced with all these possibilities, Roots Down Below, four energetic musicians from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, have chosen to build their own blend of music from the ground up. Inspired by artists such as Bob Marley,Led Zeppelin, Sublime, 311, Jimi Hendrix,Wu-Tang and Bad Brains, the group has created a polished mix that incorporates high energy guitar, melodic bass, fluent drums, and soulful vocals.

With over 1200 shows under their belt, over 25,5000 hits to their website, 240,000 song plays, and 25,000 MySpace friends, Roots Down Below has cultivated a following of loyal fans who respond to their message of positivity and their energetic showmanship.

The band performshigh energetic live performances weekly throughout respected venues. They also tour the Caribbean yearly. Through their dynamic lyrics, RDB confronts worldwide issues by presenting an unbias view that is informative and easy to consume. They encourage their listeners to evaluate one..s lifestyle and daily habits and the effects they have on our world. They believe this reflection is enough to spark the fire inside to empower our generation for positive change

In January 2010, the group will release their Self titled album, mixed and mastered by industry professional Ronnie Champagne, who has worked with artists such as Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and Alice in Chains. The album features 18 original tunes, ranging from the Rockers Reggae Style "Crazy",hard-driving civil rights anthem “My Domain “ to the evocative, hip-hop style “Hard Way” to the sentimental crowd-favorite “Friends.”

Roots Down Below has supported many national acts including: Toots and The Maytals,The Wailers, Rusted Root , Burning Spear, Eek A Mouse, Long Beach Short Bus, Slightly Stoopid,The Streetdogs, Yellow Man, Maxi Priest, Sage Francis, Collie Buddz, Zox, State Radio, Pete francais, Monty Are I, Shootyz Groove, Barrington Levy,Naughty by Nature, Mikey Dread, Entrain and even backed reggae legend Yami Bolo.
Roots Down Below Toured with The Expendables for the WinterBlackout Tour 2010 Playing 43 shows in 52 days.

Dan “Dallen” Allen, Vocals
Sennheiser ear monitor and wireless mic

Dan Allen was born March 22, 1983 on Cape Cod, MA. The youngest of 5 brothers, he grew up in a houseful of music. He credits his parents with exposing him to his earliest musical influences – the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, U2, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix and more. Without much money to go on, Dan and his family survived on humor and love. “Not having a lot of money made me appreciate the little that I had, and turned my attention towards creative self-expression. Singing is always free: music quickly became my escape – the sound of my heart and my soul.”

Dan’s joined his first band in 2001- The Whole Truth, a drum and bass hip hop act. His experiences there – learning to work with a band on stage and play to the crowd – fostered a love of performing so strong that he knew he wanted to be a professional musician, While taking a radio broadcasting class at Cape Cod Community College (CCCC), he met RDB’s guitarist, Brandon Eardley, a like-minded musician focused on “making it”. In 2002 Dan joined Rubbda Buddah, which in 2003 became Roots Down Below.

Dan’s commitment to social issues and to improving the world he lives in manifest in personal lyrics that relate to the everyday struggles of people from all walks of life. His powerful, positive message inspires hope and joy in fans of RDB.

Brandon “B-Roc” Eardley, Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Special 2 Gibson Faded SG
Marshal Cab 1960
Fender Custom Hod Rod Deville Amp
Ernie Ball Strings Light Top heavy Bottom 10-52

Brandon was born on April 28, 1984 on Cape Cod, MA. He grew up listening to vinyl –45s of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Cream, Zeppelin, the Eagles and the Kinks, “all the things that make a kid want to pick up a guitar.” He started playing guitar at age 12, and by 16 was interning at local studio Griffin Sound Studios, where he contributed to more than 100 projects as an intern. At Griffin Sound, Brandon was exposed to many different layers of the business of music, with stints running recording sessions, playing, mixing, engineering, producing – and getting coffee.

“I played school band and made it cool.” Brandon played for every side project he could get started, the school jazz band and even in pit bands for his school’s musical productions. He was chosen as one of only 32 guitarists in the region for the Southeast District Jazz band, beating out hundreds of other guitarists.

As co-founder of Roots Down Below, Brandon’s heart and soul go into the music the band puts out. His lyrical jams, trippy chords and funky vibe – and yes, ladies, he CAN play the guitar with his tong


All the Possibilities

Written By: Roots Down Below

I’m feeling on another vibe
I’m singing, singing for all the possibilities
Yes indeed
And I’m disregarding
The fact of all your disrespectfulness, your disrespectfulness
I’m living, I’m living for all the possibilities
And I’m feeling, I’m feeling on another vibe

I’m a broken barrel of love spilling in all directions
Once again
I’m blocking your negative energy
Intercepting it and reflecting it
Back into your eyes
So you can see all the possibilities
And I’m living
Living for all the possibilities

When it’s lovin’ I’m bringing and giving
The possibilities are infinite
And when I’ll be movin’ along now
Yes I’m gonnna leave it with you
Painting with warmer colors
A bigger picture we’re delivering
Living for unlimited thought
Transcending normal consciousness
My contribution to the revolution
Is a conscious evolution
That we’re going to be using to bring on new solutions
I’m bring and giving the possibilities are infinite
And when I’ll be movin’ along now
I’m going to leave it with you
Feeling on another vibe.

Check It

Written By: Roots Down Below

Nod your head
Stop. Check it
Look a little bit closer
Take a second look and stop doing what they told ya
Cause shit is real now
You can feel it, you can feel it in your soul
Mind body protest, anything less will swallow you whole

A rapid fire vocabulary intellectual individual
Obtain these attributes to spread the message to the people
Look for the greater good, for the grand scheme of things
Question everything to find out what the truth can bring
All I know, I know,
Oh no, no, no, no, no
What I see now
is what is real now
The way you live now
Is breaking down now
I found my love within now
Check it and you’ll find it

Stop, Check it
I’m looking in the dragon’s eyes
Surprised to find the lion within myself
The strength it takes to make a move
I am a survivalist involved when I don’t want to be at all
Surrounded by the fact that they all want to see us fall

My mission
A rocket lost off in another dimension see
Corruption is all I see in an image that came to me
That Babylon will slowly fall to ruins
Listen what you’re doing, transpire what I’m using

All I know, I know
Oh no, no, no, no, no

What I see now
is what is real now
The way you live now
Is breaking down now
I’ll find mad love within now
Check it and you’ll find
We’re living, we’re loving, we’re singing, we’re spreading good vibes
Spreading my wings and I’m truly learning how to fly

Stop Check it, look with a greater perspective
Take a second look to clear yourself from misconceptions
It is real now, you can feel it, you can feel it in the streets
People who lack the connection, we’re on a quest to teach them peace
My name is Daniel and I survived the lion’s den
Exchanged my sword for pen
Tremendously shown the light again
I’m missing often lost off and gone
Never ever to find me
Listen to how I know,
Whoa, know,
I know, I know,
Oh no, no, no, no

Cause what I see now
is what is real now
The way you live now
Is breaking down now
I found my love within now
Check it and you’ll find it
We’re living, we’re loving, we’re singing, we’re spreading good vibes
Spreading my wings and I’m truly learning how to fly
I’ll find mad love within
Now check it and you’ll find it


What we live for, 2004 Full Length Original Album

Peace Love Respect and Equality, 2005 Four Song Demo

From a Seed, 2006 13 Song Original Album

152 Sessions, 2009 10 Song Original Album

Roots Down Below Self Titled, 2010 Best of cd Remasterd By Ronnie Champagne in Seattle, Washington @ the Auditorium.

Tracks from 2010 Best Of Cd has been Liscenced To Mountain Dew

Set List

Roots Down Below has over 30 original songs (3 hrs) of original music.

The band's cover material includes music by Bob Marley, Sublime, 311, Wu-Tang, Toots & The Maytals, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Inner Circle, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Police, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, and many other influential pioneers.