Ross Riskin

Ross Riskin


Ross' music consists of charming acoustic melodies and soothing vocals. It allows you to sink into a state of relaxation in an often stressful world. These simple chords and smple lyrics manage to strike deep into the hearts and minds of the listeners. So check him out; you won't be sorry.


I am an 18-year-old Singer-Songwriter from Orange, Conn. I started writing songs at the age of 13, but this is the first time I've released my music to the world. Some of my biggest influences come from bands such as Third Eye Blind, Weezer, Death Cab For Cutie, Coldplay, Radiohead, Dashboard Confessional, Matchbox 20, and Alexi Murdoch. These artists have all inspired my songwriting in some sense. What sets me apart from other artists is not only my musical ability, but my stage presence. I have a great talent for "getting a feel for the crowd" and seeing what songs are going to fit well with them.

I released an EP previous to Simple Things that received some airplay on 99.1 WPLR about 6 months ago. Ever since then I have been working on a new batch of songs that appear on my Simple Things EP. I am always writing and recording new material and will continue to do so in the future. One major problem I had in the beginning of my music career was that I was a perfectionist. It took me literally forever to record songs and I found myself wanting to record everything over again. I finally decided to take a new approach on writing/recording music. I decided to record this latest EP "live to tape." I sat down and recorded the guitar and vocals at the same time and said, "Now this is what it should have sounded like before." Recording "live to tape" gave the EP that real /natural feeling I had been searching for. I am currently promoting the release of Simple Things at all of my shows and hopefully in July I will begin the production of my next EP or album


Simple Things EP

This album is available for purchase on Amazon and Rhapsody (Coming soon to Itunes and Napster). Some of the songs can be streamed from my Myspace music page.

Set List

My typical setlist conists of mainly my own acoustic/alternative originals. My sets range anywhere from 30 mins to 1hr 30 mins. Right now I am promoting my newly released EP, Simple Things. Depending on the venue, I try to perform some cover songs from bands such as Coldplay, Radiohead, Dave Matthews, Death Cab For Cutie, Matchbox 20 and more.

Possible 10 Song Set

Break Me Down
Without A Sound
Brothers On A Hotel Bed (Death Cab For Cutie Cover)
The City
My Mind
Hang (Matchbox 20 Cover)
This Summer
Stars On The Sea
Simple 37
Fix You (Coldplay Cover)