Ryan Romeo

Ryan Romeo

 Tucson, Arizona, USA

We are an high-energy, indie worship band with a compelling presence on stage. Our desire is to wake the Church to action by leading them into God's presence, and challenging them to a life that is noticeably different and full of passion for the things God is passionate about.


Ryan Romeo has been a worship leader for nearly ten years. After being involved as a graphic designer with musicians like The David Crowder*Band and Kari Jobe, Ryan began work on his first release "God of Our Fire: An EP" which released January 2010.

Now with his first release freshly behind, Ryan and the band record some new songs along with production help from Steven Tracy of The Myriad. From the driving pop/rock rhythm in the opening song "Great God of Mystery" to the infectious melodies of "Everyone Shine" and the quiet honesty of "Find Me” this EP is as diverse as it is unique. Melodic guitar work, driving rhythms, and honest lyrics combine to produce their best work to date.

The album is saturated with songs about God and His bride. The love story between this mysterious, untouchable God, and the bedraggled focus of His love and affection: The Church, runs deep. With some new instruments, some new songs, and a new EP, Ryan and the band hope you catch a glimpse of this love and walk with them in deeper relationships with God and His Church.

"we've known ryan for a number of years now...little did we know that he was hidden away working on such gems as these songs collected on this ep. there is a charm to this thing in the rawness of the lyric and production that makes me want to hear more."
—David Crowder


God of Our Fire: An EP
Everyone Shine EP

Set List

Anywhere from 15 to 45 min. A typical set would be:

Our God Reigns
God of Our Fire
Give Us Clean Hands (cover)
Awake Your Glory (new)
One to Come (new)