Sage Keffer

Sage Keffer


Nashville's most charismatic country recording artist/ songwriter. Native American. Critically acclaimed by world reknown Robert Oermann. Sounds like Dwight Yoakam, Raul Malo, Chris Isaac and George Strait in one. Latin influence. Sold out shows in Switz. and Spain last fall. CMA Music Fest. 4 yrs!



Nashville's most charismatic country recording artist and songwriter. Native American. Opened for Alan Jackson, Toby Keith. Critically acclaimed by world reknown Robert Oermann. Sounds like Dwight Yoakam, Raul Malo, Chris Isaac and George Strait in one with Latin influences. Sold out shows in Switzerland and Spain last fall. Has performed and signed autographs at international country music festival, CMA Music Festival aka "Fan Fair" for the last 4 years!

Goofy bio:
Quite often, I get asked where I got my name. My parents gave it to me. People often give me a funny look when I tell them this, but it’s true. I was born out in the western part of the US, due to privacy reasons I think I’ll refrain from saying exactly where. But my Mom and Dad were thinking of names that they might give me as they drove through the southwest. As they gazed across the landscape, all they saw were sagebrush and yucca plants. Fortunately, I was given the name Sage. My sister, however, was not so lucky.
So, why is my last name pronounced Keefer, but spelled Keffer? Well, my great grandfather on my Dad’s side was a bit of an outlaw. My family won’t discuss much of this history, but I have received a few facts. My great Granddad apparently liked to… shall we say, “trade horses” and changed the last name of the family at least once. It started out as Rufing; I think that was the spelling. I guess he was in a hurry moving the family to another town in the middle of the night and may not have had the chance to consider spelling. He also spent time on a little island called Alcatraz. True story. His son, my Granddad, had to start working to support the family after receiving only an 8th grade education. He fought on Omaha beach (remember “Saving Private Ryan”? he was there) and received many medals for his service during WWII. After that, he came back, married my Grandma and eloped out west (Grandma’s Dad didn’t like him much, even fired a shotgun to “motivate” him to leave the property.) to Wyoming from Virginia. He and my Grandma started a horse trailer business literally building them from the ground up and had one of the most successful trailer sales businesses in the west. His passion was horses and showed Appaloosas. He raised a few national champions. That passion was passed on to my Dad who became a large and small animal veterinarian. My other Granddad, on my Mom’s side, was Head of Clinics at Colorado State University and was the world’s foremost expert on lameness in horses. In fact, he wrote the book. “Adam’s Lameness in Horses” by Dr. Bob Adams is still one of the main textbooks used in veterinary schools today. He traveled the world giving lectures on surgery and doing research. That is how my Mom met my Dad, because he was taught by my Granddad. My Granddad also was instrumental in starting the veterinary college in Nairobi, Kenya. So, as a little girl, my Mom, her brother, sister and Mom lived in Kenya. She was eight. But we like to say she was ate in Africa. Hearing all the stories of Africa growing up and seeing all the slides, made me want to go there someday. So, I set some goals to make some money while in college and off I went. I camped with fellow college students and went for a weeklong safari in Tanzania, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, clear to up to the Uhuru peak (19,343 ft.) and went on a safari in Uganda. I kept telling myself that if I couldn’t climb Kilimanjaro, how could I make it in Nashville? So, I had plenty of motivation to reach the peak. The people and landscape are overwhelmingly beautiful in east Africa. It was one of the best months of my life. I’ve never experienced such danger, adventure and beauty all in one place. I can’t wait to return and explore more. Continuing with pursuing my dreams, I left Colorado and set out for Nashville to follow my lifelong dream of becoming a country music singer. I didn’t know a soul, just me and my truck and a little “Foldin’ Money” (one of the songs on my CD) to carry me for a few months. One of the scarier things I’ve done for sure. An ex-girlfriend had told me she had a friend in Nashville that had a construction business and that I could contact him. He let me stay if I worked for him. So, I met my first friend in Nashville in her bathroom. Not as romantic as it sounds because I was knocking her bathtub out of the floor with a sledgehammer. But she still likes to say she met me in her bathroom. Ha! Since then, I’ve been busting my you know what playing out, writing, and knocking down doors being the best recording artist I can be. I’ve been tremendously blessed by wonderful friends I’ve made here in Nashville. They have helped me a tremendous amount and I would not be anywhere today without them. One of my best friends is the incredibly talented Matt Rovey, who I made my CD, “Rules of the Game” with. He has believed in me from the start, even though it took us


From Sage's CD "Rules of the Game":
Foldin' Money
727 East Magnolia Avenue
I Said I Love You
All I Want
I'll String Along
I See You
Hello Again

Set List

Runnin' Outta Witchita
I Said I Love You
Let's Get Trashed
Strangest Dreams
Love and Alcohol
All I Want
Tell Me the Truth
The Feel of You
I Ain't Saying Nothin'
I Just Wanna Dance With You
Lovesick Blues
She's Smokin'
I See You
My Name
Think She Only Likes Me for My Willie
I Fall For You Again
I Got Everything
Love to Be Your Last
Foldin' Money

and plenty of covers if needed.