Satori Bob

Satori Bob

Eugene, Oregon, USA

Satori Bob is a fluid acoustic ensemble described as highly unusual yet strangely familiar. Lyrically compelling and musically interwoven, Satori Bob is currently plotting to attain cult-like status in the Pacific Northwest.



Satori Bob has evolved over many years, centered on the work and vision of singer/guitarist/composer John Baumann. John's songwriting, musicianship and presence has earned him loyal fans across the US. The interplay between longtime accompanist Devin Newman on banjo, noted bassist Jeff Langston, and the highly creative Russ Wilbanks on guitars, round out this fast-rising Eugene, Oregon based acoustic/electric ensemble.

The band conveys a vibrant energy in diverse settings, bringing audiences into the performance with compelling lyrics, uncanny improvisational interplay and strong arrangements.Their appeal has the ability to cross many boundaries with songs ranging from gentle acoustic pieces to hard to ignore social commentary.


Ode To Fargo

Written By: John Baumann

Ode To Fargo (or) Living In The Midwest Pt. 2
Lyrics and Music by John Baumann

The river is floodin
The sky is slate grey
Tomorrow’s already possessed by today

with an endless horizon
a mind turns on itself
on your grandfather’s picture
on the the china dog shelf

A pickup on a 2 lane
with a full load of hay
drives under the railroad bridge where we used to play

smokin’ cornsilk cigarettes
under the stars
we dreamed of faraway places and expensive sports cars

The water she’s rising the fences are gone
that old virgin mary’s swimming on the front lawn
we’re all treading water
looking for some dry land
climbing out of the fire
back in the old frying pan

There’s a Spring pancake breakfast
at the Catholic Church
they bless your Easter food basket for whatever that’s worth

Among the guns and religion
TV and booze
if you ain’t got no options it’s easy to choose

In the local newspaper
right there on page 2
are the obituaries of the people we knew

We drink on the front porch
we wave at the cars
we talk of familiar places under the stars

Beats Me

Written By: John Baumann

I am holding you in a dream
where the unreal meets the real
where the water meets the desert and the sky
I was crawling from the wreckage
getting out from behind the wheel
with an understanding of the look in your eye

Now the curtains on the window are thrown open
and the bartender looks at the empty chair
and the terror of the deep
is interfering with my sleep
and the raven makes a nest out of my hair

In a minute in an hour
in the flash before the flood
I could meet you in Wyoming come the fall
I could break these empty promises
leave ‘em lying in the mud
I could buy a telephone in case you call

On a lonely country road
where the lonely breezes blow
Will you take my hand under the winter moon
Will you cast away the demons
at the cemetery door
Will you listen when I sing a lonely tune

I am underneath a burden
a few thousand miles away
I might hop a train and
show up at your door
We could count the water lilies
share a glass of wine
and dream a little dream a little more

Universal Soul

Written By: John Baumann

Universal Soul

Take the Gin Taconic Parkway down past Whiskey Boulevard
Or ride a draft horse with no saddle I’ll be waiting in the yard
Quit yer whining we can’t lose – we got us an ace in the hole
Raise a toast to the Universal Soul

She had olive oil eyes lightly tinged with utter sadness
She was incarnated joy afflicted with a kind of madness
That makes you hopeful and afraid – makes you come in from the cold
Rest awhile in the Universal Soul

He bought a yellow El Dorado and pointed it toward Vegas
But he broke down out in Bakersfield with the truckers and the beggars
Now he can’t recall his name – his motivations or his goals
And he signed on to the Universal Soul

It’s a special kinda hell born of utter discontent
Cause no matter what you say nobody knows what you meant
Now you’re picking up the bones – you’re giving ‘em one more roll
How about a seven for the Universal Soul

Well my old man’s in Daytona playing bocce by the sea
He remembers Henry Miller but he don’t remember me
He was personal friends, y’see – with old Nat King Cole
And they’re jamming in the Universal Soul

I can easily be rendered to a state of utter silence
It’s the only sane response to a world that filled with violence
I am riding yesterday – I am going with the flow
Down the drain of the Universal Soul
Down the drain of the Universal Soul


CD "Strangely Familiar"

Set List

Bonneville Dam
Rocky Mountain Home
Ode To Fargo
In The Beginning
Windshields White w/Birdshit
Universal Soul
Queens Annes Lace
Show Me The River
Drunk On The Moon
Id Die A Little For You
Beats Me
All The Light Of The World
Autumn Evenings Silhouette
Somewhere in Tibet
Wishing Away