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Seasons, comprised of the Lee siblings, performs both original and traditional Celtic and Folk music on a variety of instruments including the Celtic Harp and Hammered Dulcimer. Seasons has been featured on a number of national programs and networks, including EWTN and Fox News.


Seasons is comprised of the siblings Mary-Kate Spring, Peter Winter, Mary-Teresa Summer, Mary-Grace Autumn, and Mary-Clare Chun Lee. The Lee siblings seek to not only pay homage to the rich tradition of Celtic and American Folk Music that they grew up in, but also to treat it as a living, breathing entity. The result is a constantly growing collection of original songs and tunes that are all at once both fresh and familiar. 

Utilizing diverse instrumentation including the Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, violin, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, and penny whistle, Seasons has recorded multiple albums, “Eventide Lullabye” (2006), “Which Way to Dublin Town” (2009), and collaborated with Mary-Kate on her solo album “Mirabilis” (2010). In March of 2012, Seasons released "Amhrain," a collection of traditional and original Irish airs followed by their return to Christmas music with "Joy on High" released in December of that same year.  2014 saw the release of their self titled album "Seasons" comprised completely of original songs and tunes.  These albums have received recognition in publications such as Musicmaker’s Magazine, Catholic Digest, Christianity Today, and Grapevine Online, and also have been played on regional and national radio. Their song “The Helmsman,” based on a poem by St. Faustina, was selected as one of the songs on the highly anticipated audio recording of St. Faustina’s Diary (published by Marian Press). 

The Lee siblings have toured in multiple states and countries and have opened for artists as varied as Grammy award-winner Ashley Cleveland, the Celtic-rock band Scythian, Irish Tenor Mark Forrest, and Celtic Fiddle Festival. The Lee siblings have been featured performers at many national music festivals including The Celtic Fling & Highland Games out of Manheim PA, the LAUNCH! Music Conference and Festival, and The Millennium Music Conference and Festival.  Seasons has performed on both regional and national television, including EWTN programs “Life on the Rock” and “Dana and Friends” as well as on “Fox and Friends” on Fox News.

Members of Seasons have also distinguished themselves on the festival competition circuit.  Mary-Kate won first place in Celtic Harp at the Maryland Irish Fest in 2012.  2013 saw Mary-Kate and Mary-Grace return to the Maryland Irish Fest, with the two of them taking away the first place awards in Singing, Celtic Harp, and Miscellaneous Instrument.  That same year, Mary-Kate also took second place at the CCE Mid Atlantic Region Fleadh as well as traveling to Derry, Ireland to compete in the CCE All Ireland Fleadh. In 2014, Mary-Kate won first place in both Dance Tunes and Slow Aires at the CCE Mid Atlantic Region Fleadh along with taking third in singing.  Once again she qualified for the CCE All Ireland Fleadh and competed in Sligo.

From Musical Festivals to Renaissance Fairs, from busking the streets of Ireland to performing for school assemblies, Seasons strives to share their music where and when ever they can. With their influences ranging from O'Carolan to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the group creates an exciting and surprising fusion of various Celtic and American folks styles in their original music, resulting in a sound that is truly worth a listen.


The Helmsman

Written By: Kowalska & Lee

The barque of my life sails along
Amid the dark and shadows of the night
I am sailing 'pon high seas
And I can see no shore

The slightest storm would bring me death
Engulf my boat in swirling depths
If not for you watching my step
At each and every instant

Sail on, sail on
Sail on along
Fear not the storms or the evil one
For God will guide your hand

Sail on, sail on
Sail on along
Fix your course and remain strong
Sail on

Dread and terror does abound
But in my soul is peace profound
Tis deeper than the lowest ground
For souls with you won’t perish

Though hosts of dangers are made clear
None of them are ones I fear
I gaze upon the stars and steer
And bravely on I sail


Amid the roaring waves I sail
And gaze like a child without fear
Because of you Lord Jesus you’re my light
Thus for the ship of my life to sail
So gently through the screaming storms
You must be my helmsman O my God

And if I reach most dire straits
With waves so high my grave awaits
I’ll then cry out and to my place
You’ll walk o’er the water

Then your hand will cover mine
We’ll steer the ship and tighten the line
All power strength and love are thine
I know you’ll see me through


Dalriada (Song of St. Patrick)

Written By: Lee

I was captured from my home and brought across the sea
The sky was dark as were the hearts that’d break apart my family
Are you still missing me like I’d went missing yesterday
Every morn it feels I’m wrenched away anew from you

Upon these hills I was enslaved and told I must obey
There was promised death to those who’d run
And as I lay on freezing ground the stars looked cold and strange
I am a prisoner far from home in a land that’s not my own

There is nothing I can see
That resembles any plan that’s meant to be

But every morn a new sun rises
And I can choose to see the light or turn away
And though my heart is breaking for my home
Help me look to find the good that’s in today

Though when I’m alone there echo stories of my youth
And tales of one who died and rose again
When Joseph was in Egypt’s land he wasn’t there alone
It makes me wonder if I have a friend, who sees to my end


Lord I know in this wide world my part is very small
Yet in this tale I’ve still a role to play
Though my faith is fragile it’s the one thing I have left
So I will try to follow where your footsteps go, on this clouded road

There is something you can see
That will change me to the person I should be


Christ be before me
Christ beside me
Christ beneath me
Christ above me
Christ all around me
Christ where it’s too dark to see
Christ be within me
Upholding my soul

Listen to the Angels

Written By: Lee

One boy
one girl
One road that leads to far away

One night
One star
One babe no bed to call his own

Too young
Too poor
Too late to find a place to stay

Two hearts
Too full of faith to go astray

Listen to the angels
Even when their words seem far away
Listen to the angels
You gotta trust that God will lead the way

No inn
No room
No friendly face to ease their night

No doubts
No fright
No fear God hadn’t them in sight

Always God makin’ sure their way

All things
Allowed by God were taking place


That night in a stable they stayed
Trustin’ that God would lead the way
Not in a palace no golden throne had he
Born in a manger just shepherds came to see
This man a savior to a hungry world in need
Was born a humble babe to people who believed


One threat
One flight
One journey deep into the night

No place
So far
He cannot bring us home

One God
One Son
One love that cannot be undone

One boy
One girl
One child born to save the world


Seasons Discography: 

Eventide Lullabye (2006)

Which Way to Dublin Town (2009) 

Mirabilis (2010)

Amhrain (2012) 

Joy on High (2012)

Seasons (2014)

Set List

A mixture of original and traditional Celtic and Folk music performed both instrumentally and with vocals. Music vary from up tempo fiddle driven tunes to haunting ballads. A variety of instruments are used.

Seasons also has a speciality in Christmas music, and provides a unique and engaging Celtic Christmas show.