Heralded as one of the pioneers of the Asian Massive movement, Sharaab, an Atlanta-based producer, remixer and sound designer, has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for well over a 15 years. Sharaab integrates synthesizers, dark-edged beats, lush chords, and Eastern instrumentation to create a signature sound.



Sharaab’s musical journey began at a young age as he grew up learning to play a variety of musical instruments; but, what always interested him was the combination of technology and art.

Sharaab learned to DJ by mixing Indian tunes and rhythms over club, house and hip-hop tracks. It began as experimentation but by 1996 he had already established a respectable local following, earning residencies and DJ slots at several prominent Atlanta venues as well as bookings at the national and international level, from New York to Seattle to Bombay, India. Sharaab’s unique, multi-layered DJ sets enthralled thousands and helped establish the burgeoning Asian Massive genre.

While pursuing a Master’s degree in Music Technology, Sharaab began writing and producing original tracks, while continuing to tour and play DJ sets. He began working and sharing the stage with a host of contemporary artists such as Talvin Singh, Karsh Kale, Ming & FS, DJ Spooky, and the MIDIval PunditZ. In 2003, after more than five years in the music industry, Sharaab released his debut solo album, entitled “Infusion”.

“Infusion” incorporated the beautiful melodies of Indian classical and folk music with beat-driven electronica, emerging with a rich, polished, global sound. It was critically acclaimed in the world music scene by magazines such as Global Rhythm and almost immediately sold out of its first run of copies. This led to a number of licensing and remixing opportunities as well as legions of fans eagerly awaiting the next release.

His second solo album, “Evolution”, on his own Undo Recordings imprint was released in 2007. The album takes his trademark “ethnoclash” sound to the next level, bringing in songwriting, retro beats and basslines, and more live instrumentation into the mix. Sharaab also was hired to engineer, record, produce and mix a myriad of artists, primarily partnering with Atlanta-based electronic pioneers The Fabric, with whom he produced and released two full albums on his label.

In December 2011, Sharaab signed to the acclaimed independent netlabel Nophi Recordings and release his 3rd solo album, Asura. On this album Sharaab focused his efforts on fusing traditional Indian music and modern dubstep. The album, just as throughout his entire career, sold out of the limited edition run of CDs and received unlimited acclaim from all corners of the electronic music scene.


Title: Asura
Label: Nophi Recordings
Date: Dec 2011

Title: Evolution
Label: UNDO
Date: Nov 2007

Title: Infusion
Label: UNDO
Date: Nov 2003

Artist: The Fabric
Title: We Operate Machinery
Label: UNDO
Date: Sep 2007

Artist: The Fabric
Title: Man vs Prototype
Label: UNDO
Date: Nov 2005

Compilation Title: 99 Problems (But A Chip Ain't One)
Song Title: Vidya
Label: Nophi Recordings
Date: Jan 2012

Compilation Title: Eightest Bits
Song Title: Punch Out (Great Tiger Remix)
Label: Nophi Recordings
Date: Jan 2011

Compilation Title: Mighty Asian Beats
Song Title: Nosering
Label: Shaanti UK
Date: Sep 2007

Compilation Title: Indian Electronica Vol. 001
Song Title: The Awakening
Label: Indian Electronica
Date: Sep 2007

Compilation Title: Made in India - The World Of Indian Grooves
Song Title: Earth and Sky
Label: Clubstar/Lola's World
Date: Oct 2005

Compilation Title: Moving Stillness
Song Title: Trinity
Label: One World Music
Date: May 2005

Artist: We Roll Like Madmen
Title: Breaks (Sharaab Remix)
Label: Nophi Recordings
Date: Mar 2013

Artist: Rohan
Title: Siren's Song (Sharaab's Western Sun RMX)
Label: OmLand
Date: Nov 2004

Artist: Ryukyu Underground
Title: Agarijo (Sharaab Remix)
Label: Respect
Date: Jun 2004

*please note that due to length this partial discography includes full production and remix work only and does not include projects completed in the capacity as a recording audio engineer or mix engineer. for a full discography, please contact the artist directly

Set List

Set list:
Earth and Sky
Breathe Natyam
Indian Rain

We do 1-2 sets of about 45 minutes to an hour each. We do not do covers.