Austin, Texas, USA

silascopathic (pronounced cy-lis-ko-path-ik) has been writing for two years and is constantly putting out new stuff. Originals and remixes it doesn't matter. Every tune that he creates has an intensity and style all it's own. Follow @silascopathic on twitter for new releases, remixes & performances



silascopathic (pronounced cy-lis-ko-path-ik), a.k.a. Ryan Rimmer has put the bands aside and has started to concentrate all his musical efforts into electronic dance music. When asked what genre he writes in, the answer is more along the lines of what ever gets his head moving. Although he primarily writes between the bpms of 120-130 he has experimented in dub step and drum and bass. Recently silascopathic has started honing and tweaking his skills to get out and start DJing for his fans. Again, while his set will mostly be awesome electro house, he knows how to toss the throwbacks in he mix and get some nostalgic magic happening. Only recently having moved to Austin, TX, silascopathic is already making moves and getting his name out there. Keep your ears ready and eyes out for more releases and remixes from silascopathic every month.