Atlanta based band, Slow Motion Crash, thrives on exploring and fusing their love of post punk, shoegazer, and electronic music while maintaining a solid rock-n-roll attitude.



"Behind the cover is a rumbling noir-wave notebook of dark mysteries."
-Lee Valentine Smith, Georgia Music Magazine

"Sounds that were at one time considered passe are now new again — and actually refreshing."
-Jon Dawson, Performer Magazine

"Incorporating the anxious atmospherics into a sound that invites comparisons to other bands without slavishly imitating any of them."
-Kevin Forest Moreau, Sunday Paper

"They do put their heart into it, resulting in some ass-shaking jams and dark lyrics that actually sound convincing."
-Mark Sanders, Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

"Back to the shade again, just in time to catch Slow Motion Crash…Another jaw dropping moment."
-David Anjo, (Voodoo Festival Reviewer)

"Stark and powerful...adding their own energy to create a unique and powerful sound."
-Will Mason, Performer Magazine

“One of the reasons you look out the window at night when you’re way up in the sky is the hope that you’ll catch a glimpse of some kind of celestial object that will be unfamiliar, a new molecule in an ocean of old. You know what the aisle looks like: that’s not what you want to see. This time, you catch that sensation of discovery. The propeller jams, the wings force a dip. The nose begins to dive. Fuel vapor in your face, your eyes water. You see it as it happens, but it seems stretched. This is slow motion crash.” - Richard Bataille

Made from the building blocks of Brian Fisher (vocals, guitar), Ryan Holmes (guitar, vocals), Melissa Giorgio (bass), Joshua Broughton (keys, vocals) and Jason Curtis (drums), Slow Motion Crash has combined serious song crafting sensibility with a quirky, eccentric indie feel. The band has created a bottom-heavy sound, featuring a precise layering of melodic and discordant guitar riffs punctuated by semi-electronic landscapes and dance-laden drums.

Slow Motion Crash’s self-titled record has been released to rave reviews in the cloistered Georgia music scene by publications including Georgia Music Magazine, Performer, and Creative Loafing. With its thought-provoking lyrics that grab and tease and meandering guitars that push and pull, the record has a sexy, claustrophobic sound that’s somehow simultaneously kinetic and languid. Combining elating highs and abysmal lows, the band has created a piece that inspires and jars from start to finish.

Slow Motion Crash’s live show is as impressive as their studio work. Merging a blood-pumping, energetic performance with such accessible songwriting has garnered the band a wide, multi-demographic following. Drawing as much from the dynamic alternative music audience as from the ultra-hip indie rock scene as from the depths of the goth horde, SMC’s pounding, stuttering rhythms have forcefully driven and sweetly persuaded star-eared concert goers from the Southeast to Midwestern US.

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P.O. Box 170068
Atlanta, GA 30317
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ISP -Industrial Strength Promotions
(706) 255-6437



Written By: Slow Motion Crash

Sun down, shots ring out.
Street lights.
The night is filling up with sounds,
right about now.
Green Eyes in new city.
Small chance
that your pretty little face
will help you down here.
Last night, they saw the killer
inside The Raven Cellar in his
dance hall convict stance.
As time walks in place
and stop motion pays
and convicts reside underground
of Wanton town.
Hot flash, here come the sinners.
Green eyes starts to sliver with her
hand’s down around his hips.
Late night in the cellar,
That’s right, they found another.
Well let’s shut down this
dance halls spent, again.
So long. He’s under radar.
Good chance
his blood is sitting in her hands
but nobody cares.
He looks so tired.
Long look in his eyes.
And his off-beat speak,
well now he cannot catch his breath.
“Don’t be so paranoid!”
sing the voices in his head.
“But all of these street screaming sirens
want revenge and they want me dead!”
When you think it's gonna be over
you get lost looking over your shoulder.

Mirrors & Conflict

Written By: Slow Motion Crash

Shot down in a few,
more less safe these days.
Long lines and service to the same.
Live and dodging sin
complicates the brain
Harsh eyes and paralyzed in range.
Mirror, mirror won’t you side with me?
Reflection of your face.
Reflections send the chills
right over your skin.
Status on your face remains
and I don’t want this.
Notice you’ve got to face,
the mirrors and conflict stage.
Two hearts to blame.
And I don’t want this.
Suddenly not erased.
Situations bail, but reflections stay.
And as you talk
your screams become evident.
Reflections of your days
are shivering within.
Daylight turns and night falls suddenly when,
denial remembers conflicts win.
When conflicts win,
I won’t wilt or die in this place.
In this place.
And I don’t want this.
Notice you’ve got to face,
the mirrors and conflict stage.
Two hearts to blame.
And I don’t want this.
Suddenly not erased.
Situations bail, but reflections stay.
And I won’t wilt or die in this place.
In this place.
But now your conflict stations,
static and forced to fail.
And all your lost reflections...
mirrors shatter, its just as well.
Now you’re forced to feel,
like every conversation
reflects the way your forced to fail.

Faded Photographs

Written By: Slow Motion Crash

“I won’t.” takes you somewhere new.
And now impressions something too.
No cars go screaming by on the street
The city’s dying as we speak.
Not that I want this to end.
Nonstop 17, takes you far away
from where you ought to be.
Like faded photographs
of your last destiny.
Do you got that?
Not that your over the bridge.
And you want it bad.
This subjects driving you mad.
No crowds go
screaming down the street.
This scene is dying obviously,
but I don’t want this to end.
Here’s your ticket
Keep trying
If they’re selling,
Well who’s buying?
If you don’t have it
and keep trying,
is the cause lost?


2007 -SLOW MOTION CRASH, "Self-titled"
track listing:
1. Faded Photographs
2. 5th and Incident
3. Trail of Tears
4. In October
5. Culprit Eyes
6. The Last Mistake
7. Mirrors & Conflict
8. Summer Rain
9. Wanton

2005 -"Vast and Danger", (under the band name "Creve Coeur")
track listing:
1. I Don't Love You Anymore...
2. On The Train
3. Radio Station Complication
4. Offset (Carelessly Jealous)
5. The Villain
6. Sweet Dreams Tied Hands
7. Getting Used To This

Set List

Faded Photographs
5th and Incident
Trail of Tears
In October
Culprit Eyes
The Last Mistake
Mirrors & Conflict
Summer Rain
Hostel Days
Sweet Dreams Tied Hands (remix)
The Villain (remix)
On The Train

Setlist times range from 30-50min of all original music.