Portland, Oregon, USA

Original, tight & precise R&B/Blues



The eagerly anticipated CD from singer-songwriter, guitarist Sonny Hess is both a musical triumph AND a triump of will.
a walk through fire and the joy of survival. The few cover tunes are presented with freshness and a new excitement that tells you its for real.

Sonny survived cancer only to have her home burn to the ground. Family, friends and fans rallied to her support and she was determined to show her appreciation, not allowing these life experiences to beat her but to grow through her music.

Her lyrics to Im not leavin you- Im already gone reveals a confidence and strength gained from adversity as does her newest tune of personal experience Got-ta Win It. She is fronting the band for the first time on an album and the honesty and emotion in her voice has an understanding few singers show as she drifts from low growls to a trembling falsetto that is almost a scream. It brings a depth to the band it has not shown before.

The connection with her band mates has deepened with a new intensity; lively riffs are tossed back and forth with unabashed pleasure. The true satisfaction of lovin what youre doing. Each player seems to have reached for new heights and totally deserve the All Aces attribution.

Our Drum/percussion man, Mr Kelly Pierce, is like a brother to Sonny as they have played together for over 15 yrs. He is in sync with her groove and knows how to anticipate her every move. He is an emotional player with dynamics that make him an Ace up their sleeve.

It has been said that Jim Hively, veteran bass player and back up vocalist, has the best tone in the region, but he would say Aw, just the way I play, my attack. Jims playing sends audiences running toward the dance floor and inspires other bassists to emulate his style.

Sax man Kevin Labaron, nominated for Sax of the year by the Cascade Blues Assoc., has impeccable pitch and a bluesy dirty tone. His solos are heartfelt, gut-felt and sensual. He is definitely chocolate sauce dripping with soul.

Eminently danceable, All Aces is also a complex and talented musical accomplishment. Quoting one of her own lyrics: You know you can win after losin sometimes. The new album proves it!


Veteran guitarist vocalist, Sonny Hess first picked up a guitar as a kid age 8, by the time she was a teenager she was picking up gigs all over and played in Portlands top bands at the time, The Koffee Band and Margo Tufos Blues Sisters. From there she met the show stopping, late great, Paulette Davis. This band won Portlands music association Crystal award for outstanding R&B act of the year. Paulette Davis gave Sonny the nickname Sonny Smokin Hess, they played together for four years and out of that came the CD Its About Damn Time. After Paulette passed, Sonny continued their legacy as the Power Band always known for upbeat danceable R&B, a real energetic show. Sonny went on to be the first woman nominated in a male dominated field for Best Lead Guitar by the Cascade Blues Assoc, also holds a nomination for "Lifetime Acheivement Award". She has played with, sung with and composed with many of the regions top artists, as well as opening for Etta James, Jr Walker and the All Stars, Average White Band and Bobby Womack. Sonny Hess is also widely known for her productions of the NW Women R&B Show, a specialty show she takes pride in producing. Her show has been seen by 100s of 1,000s over the past 15 years at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival.


It's About Damn Time - 1995
A Tribute to Blues Diva, Paulette Davis
Playin' with My Friends - 1996
Proximity - 1998
Fate - 1999
Girls Night Out - 2001
Jane Doe - 2001
Sonny Hess Compliation - 2002
NW Women Rhythm & Blues "Live" - 2003
Battle of the Bald "Live" - 2007
NW Women R&B Christmas CD - Lit Up - 2007
"TIME" Sonny Hess Band w/Rae Gordon - 2008
Single "Takes Love" Sonny Hess & Lady Kat- 2010
All Aces CD - May 17, 2012

Set List

We perform a lot of original music and also cover such artist as: BB King, Koko Taylor, Etta James, Melissa Ethridge, Maroon 5, Pink, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mavis Staples, Susan Tadesci, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Joss Stone, Cold Blood, Ben Harper, The Neville Brothers, Prince, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Joan Armatrading, Ray Charles, John Coltrane, Nora Jones, Johnny A, Doobie Brothers and more.