Soul Sister Sally

Soul Sister Sally


Soul Sister Sally infuses funk, jazz, & blues into a classic rock sound. From emotionally charged numbers to the band's just-plain-fun rendition of "Power of Love", triple-threat harmonies combine with amazing musicianship to produce an engaging, family-friendly, crowd-pleasing live stage show.



Soul Sister Sally was formed in 2006 by Andy Williams (original drummer for the Grammy Award winning Casting Crowns) and his wife Kelly. The band's high energy, classic rock foundation supports melodies infused with funk, jazz, and a heavy touch of R&B. Having developed a loyal following in their hometown of McDonough, Georgia, This diverse band has shared the stage with artists such as Disciple, SONICFLOOd and L.L. Cool J while also leading worship for church services and Disciple Now weekends throughout the southeast.
The bands unique sound is created by Kelly Williams (lead vocals), Chris Forslund (bass player for John Waller), Darren Buckner (guitar) and Andy Williams (former drummer for Casting Crowns). A cohesive unit that considers themselves more family than bandmates, members collaborate on writing, arranging, and producing duties.

2009 - Soul Sister Sally released its second Self Titled EP which was produced by award winning producer Jason Hoard (Glory Revealed, Fee, John Waller). The self titled EP contains their award winning song "Destined To Survive" which won in the Christian/Gospel category of the Billboard World Song Contest.


Destined to Survive

Written By: Soul Sister Sally

Sometimes I want to give up; put my hands up
Lord, take this cup from me
I can’t seem to get it right; do it right
What is wrong with me?
My spirit is thirsty and my soul is hurting
Frustration is beating me down

The things I do want to do
Are the same things I yield to
My flesh wants to be in control
But there’s strength deep inside of me
He pushes me to keep fighting
And I’ve got to get up from here for my breakthrough is almost right here

Keep pressing; Keep pushing
I can make it; don’t loose it
Keep striving; Keep fighting
I can win; this won’t break me down
Got to be strong; got to carry on
Can’t give up; keep holding on
You can do this; you are chosen and destined to survive

There are times the way gets hard
And life will leave some battle scars
But yet will I trust You
‘Cause You know how to comfort me when I face my adversity
So through these tears and all my fears, I’m running
I’m drawing near

There were times I know I came so close to throwing it all away
All the pain in life, the darkness night
Even found it hard to pray
But I’ve come too far to give up now
So yes, I’ll stand my ground
For greater is He that’s within me
In He I find my destiny
Oh! Destined to survive
Destined to survive!


2008 - Green Grass (EP)
2009 -Self Titled (EP)

Set List

Sets run from 20 minutes to 1 hour
Unmask Me
Destined to Survive
Livin' To Die
Breathe For Me
Brilliant Life
Power of Love (Cover)