Soundboy Cartagena

Soundboy Cartagena

Chicago, Illinois, USA

My songs attracts people of all ages. Everyone can relate, relax and let the music take over.



When music executives discuss marketing strategies for their artists, they usually place certain artists in categories based on musical genre, language, and style. An artist is either considered Rap or Rock, English or Spanish, Street or Club. But it is that same mentality that has caused the industry to lag behind the trends of fusion within music and the musical tastes of the listeners. Enter Sound Cartagena, a Brooklyn NuyoRican with the most transcendent music appeal that the industry has seen in quite some time. He was raised around his fathers passion for Salsa music, so he was able to master the intricacies of the authentic island music. But he would also roam the urban streets of Brooklyn, NYC as a youth, and his many experiences gave him a true hip-hop flavor. A rapper and producer for over a decade, he is also well-versed as a musician: he is able to read and write music,
as well as play the drums, congas, bongos, timbales, and even the trumpet. And Sound is not only a fan of hip-hop or Latin musiche also serves as the drummer for New York City street-rock band Killa Beatz, and has had a mohawk for several years. All of these factors make it impossible to categorize Sound Cartagena as simply a rapper, or even a Latin rapper at that. Sound Cartagena is best categorized as El Talentito Musico (The Talented Musician) and is rewriting the rules on what it takes to be a successful artist in todays music industry. Coming from New York City, the worlds melting pot and the main destination for migrant Puerto Ricans, Sound Cartagena is fluent in both English and Spanish, and uses both languages interchangeably as Spanglish. Some might say the merging of the two languages doesnt work in music, since the artist can alienate listeners from both languages. But those critics are missing a key factor: both English and Spanish are the most spoken and understood languages in the world, and by using both in his music Sound Cartagena has expanded his listener base to not only the USA or Latin America, but to the entire world. Sound Cartagenas current fanbase is already culturally diverse, and with worldwide appeal his potential for stardom is endless!
Sounds presence lights up any room he is in, whether its because of his large personality, his high-energy stage show, or his heavy jewelry. Thats why he is known as El Nene Bien Brilloso (The Shiny Kid). He has worked with countless heavyweights in the music industry, and is co-signed by some of the most major movements in the hip-hop industry including Konvict Muzik/Shakedown/NappyBoy ent (Akon, TPain ,RedCaf, DJ Envy etc.) StreetFamily / SLK Gang (Fabolous, Paul Cain etc.) BadBoy (PDiddy Dirty Money, Making the Band, Havierre Pierre & Senator Skid) T-Wayne Tour CashMoney/ YoungMoney , BlackEyePeas Will I am, Maino (HiHater remix Plies , T.I, Mya, Jadakiss, SwissBeats) Gangstar Premeire & Guru & Jodecie Royalty, (3LW) , LostBoyz Mr.Cheeks , GroupHome LiLDap, Raekwon from Wu-tang and the Sapranos on the movie Coalition, BigPun , (Tribute to Pun) (D'Mingo Ramos/CorsoMusic / WhiteLion& Manolo Guatauba University etc.) and much more...Currently working with Joe Dirt at Rich House Productions.