Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

SoundHound are a five-piece funk, rock and soul outfit based out of Ann Arbor, MI. They mix high energy performances with tight song arrangements and unpredictable improvisations to make their unique brand of music come alive. A new band to the music scene, SoundHound are already making waves.


The Sound

SOUNDHOUND is the best of what Michigan music has to offer!

They combine thick harmonies with electric and acoustic guitars, jazz-rock keyboards, and funk-rock bass, over expert jazz rhythms to create aggressive funk and folk-rock grooves, Motown-soul and sweet pop-hooks, blistering sojourns into improvisation, and vivid original songs that take their audience on journeys into the depths of human experience.

When listening to SOUNDHOUND you may hear funk to jazz, blues to bluegrass, and disco to folk.

But make no mistake, SOUNDHOUND is a rock band!


SOUNDHOUND developed from a uniform desire to create honest music in a collaborative environment that is as fun for the listener as it is for the musicians.

SOUNDHOUND began when Adam Labeaux, and Chris Jolley met at an informal improv-jam. Conversation led to a writing session that yielded a handful of songs with the obvious potential for more. After further discussion, work began on structuring a band of like-minded musicians with similar goals, work-ethic, and fuse-able styles.

On a recommendation Steve Barker was contacted. Fresh from Styles Davis, and a brief stint in Treetown Underground, Steve was ready sink his chops into just such a band, and was the next to join.

Rich Delcamp had recently worked with both Chris and Steve in Treetown Underground, and knew Adam from their days in sibling bands Rootstand, and the Ragbirds. When news reached him of what was happening, he contacted the band immediately to offer his services.

The core unit of Adam, Chris, Steve, and Rich, auditioned and worked with many excellent drummers (including Dan Eichenger of Smokestack, Layla Hall of Sista Otis and the Wholly Rollers and Ugly Radio Rebellion, and Dan Sutherland of Capillary Action and Aleph-1), even performing a handful of well-received performances. However, staying true to their vision, continued to search until the right match was found.

The hunt ended with a reply to a “Craig’s List” add by the current supporting keyboardist for the Matt Besey Band, Loren Kranz.


SOUNDHOUND’s pedigree reveals a veritable who’s who of south-east Michigan performing groups:

Adam Labeaux (vocals/guitars) has toured extensively, as a founding member of The Ragbirds, and has opened for the likes of Tim Rice & Peter Rowan, Hot Tuna, and Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead. Before The Ragbirds, Adam worked extensively with members of Back Forty.

Rich Delcamp (guitars/vocals) assisted in establishing The Rootstand as a Michigan phenomenon, and a national touring sensation. During his tenure with Rootstand, he has played with more national acts than can be listed or recounted. Rich also fronted Treetown Underground, and served as the sound-tech and engineer for Metaphysical Jones.

Steve Barker (bass/vocals) and his highly sought after bass-work most recently hail from the outstanding funk-jazz project Styles Davis.

Chris Jolley (keys/vocals) was an integral member of the folk-rock band Treetown Underground.

Loren Kranz (drums/vocals) is a native of the Mid-Michigan music scene, and is studying jazz at Wayne State University. He has shared the stage with artists such as Matt Besey and Larry McCray.

When combined you hear something altogether new, yet somehow familiar.

SOUNDHOUND…a smoother ride!


Single - "Superstar" b/w "Cheetahs" - First Studio Explorations


Set List

Our typical set list covers the wide range of musical styles we have incorporated into our sound. The focus of the sets is on the original compositions SoundHound have put together with a few covers thrown in for good measure. We have enough material to fill up an entire night at venues.

Original Material Song List:

One Turn
Like A Stone
Blink Of An Eye
Come Around
Call It Home
Dust & Disease
Off My Back
Good Girl
Better Than Here
Bottom Dollar
Shades Of Grey

Covers Song List:

Can You Picture That? - by Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem

Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) - by The First Edition

It Was A Good Day - by Ice Cube

Gumbo - by Phish