Squeeze Rock

Squeeze Rock


With Grooves that Rock, the music of Julz-A is An Accordion Alternative. Singing and rapping while playing the squeeze box his music is often compared to Beck, Primus, Outkast, Cee Lo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rage Against The Machine.

Squeeze Rock will surprise you with how good the music is!



“If he wanted to create something truly unique, he succeeded...In fact, he [Julz-A of Squeeze Rock] might just be one of the must-see acts of NXNE [2006].”
-- Jason Keller - NOW magazine

“Fingers fanned out at chest level, terry-cloth band on his wrist, leaning back slightly, [Julz-A of Squeeze Rock] strikes a classic rapper's pose despite playing an instrument that has been relegated to Dorkville at least since the Beatles.”
-- Andrew Adam Newman, New York Times

"Julz-A [of Squeeze Rock] might best be characterized as a fringe artist who seamlessly combines his musical prowess with showmanship and an offbeat sense of humor…he has somehow taken my preconceived notions and scattered them to the wind.”
-- Chris Alfano, Stereo Subversion

Squeeze Rock is the moniker and genre tag of the musical styles of Julian “Julz-A” Hintz. Squeeze Rock is an Accordion alternative; Julz-A sings and raps while playing the Squeeze Box. He is joined by JW on Violin, Mary Feaster on Bass, and Michael Vitali on Drums. The sound can be compared to such rapping proliferations as Beck, Cee Lo, Outkast, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine.

Julz-A uses the accordion as a central figure in the rock riffs of his songs. The Squeeze Rock sound is fundamentally alternative rock music with influences ranging from Hip-Hop to Western Classical music, while even leaving room for the world music of the instrument. Squeeze Rock pushes the envelope in how we hear melodic guitar-driven music. Using production methods that alter the way we listen to hip-hop and rapping. The presentation is simple and rooted in the pop sounds of the current century, but the use of accordion pushes this eclectic sound into the unique realm that only Squeeze Rock can dwell.

The longest membership with any one project for Julian “Julz-A” Hintz has been Terry Dame’s Electric Junkyard Gamelan, in which he has performed as the rapping Julz-A while also employing his expert percussion skills. His accordion projects started in early 2001 among the NYC based Japanese punk rock outfits of Dynamite Club and Peelander-Z. After many mutations and experiments, Julz-A finally arrived at the focus of a solo project with the release of his Squeeze Rock EP, and later with his follow up Squeeze Right EP.

Julz-A has performed as a soloist on national television at the world famous Apollo Theater on the same bill as Whoopi, Chingy and Ray Chew. He also performed with Ray Chew And The Crew at the un-televised Amateur Night At The Apollo show. Julz-A advanced to the semi-finals of the 2008 Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition performing his song “Fortified.” He has opened for Eliza Gilkyson, Qui, and Northern State among others. Julz-A received an honorable mention for The Billboard World Song Contest in 2006 with his song “Burning Bellows” and in 2005 with his song “I Tried,” featured on the Squeeze Rock EP, as well as honorable mentions for the We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards 2006 with his songs “Where?” and “Sunset Time.” Besides the Apollo appearances, notable Julz-A performances include appearances at Atlantis 10th Anniversary 2007, MMC11 2007, NXNE 2006, Celebrate Brooklyn 2005, The Rock Accordion Summit of New York and Providence 2005, The CalArts West Goes East Festival 2005, The Rock Accordion Summit of Philadelphia 2004, and The CMJ Music Marathon in 2002.


I Tried

Written By: j.hintz

Feeling full of life;
Want to make this way my wife.
Cold blooded cracked,
my eyes burn bright.
Red rings revolving,
knuckles bend and break.
Silence slowly sing.
Hammer hound breaks my wing.

Is it wrong?

Headed out, I don’t know where.
Though I had a home to moan.
Whispered sweeps the weeping pair:
Blues the tool, and man alone.
Art, a heart sacrifice
sent for spirits smoking sage.
Hollow dark reflects my vice.
Soon the song becomes my rage.

Is it wrong to say I tried?
If I had the wings, you know I’d fly.
And I know why you treat me mean:
Rock ‘n Roll, I’m stuck between.

I showed my sound
I bled and they said I’d turn gray.
Spirits say we can stick around;
I pray we can find a way.

High overhead to the heavens,
I climb the tallest tree.
Hold it steady
while my sound
flows around like confetti.
Wonder what brings us close,
you and me.
Distortion dig higher
as we interact freely.
Subtly sly, yet still wild
like a lost child,
I compiled incendiary tiles
providing pummeled dust piles
into frequency files;
like a snake charmed unriles,
the sun sees for miles.

I need a fix as I go;
Happiness is so warm.
What do I have left to show?
Where should I go?
Suicide bomber,
Hard core punk rocker,
Sub-Urban Shocker:
Feels like a crash!

Is it wrong to say I tried?
If I had the wings, you know I’d fly.
And I know why you treat me mean:
Rock ‘n Roll, I’m stuck between.

I showed my sound
I bled and they said I’d turn gray.
What do you say, can I stick around;
I pray I can find a way.

Where? (In The Words)

Written By: j.hintz

If it were done, one word.
If it were fun, one word.
If it begun, one word.
If it were won, one word.
If one could see, one word.
If one could breath, one word.
If one would tease, one.
If one could be, one word.

Where can you find me?
Where can you hide me?
Where you can try me.
Where you can lie too!
What you get is what you got.
What you got is what you get.
You know you got it,
you know you got it.
Where can you find the time?
You know you got it!

If one were bold, one word.
If one could hold, still.
If one were told, one word.
If one could mold, life.
When the fools’ gold, no more.
When I choose to fold, no more.
When I get sold, no more.
When I get told, no more.
If, I said, what.
If, I said, when.
If, I said, where.
If, I said, why.


Sunset Time

Written By: J. Hintz

Dedicated to my Grandfather, Ansle Severtson.

At night moonlight’s shine,
Go ignite your mind,
On the infinite line,
We’re on Sunset Time

Day closing
and owing to a different time,
We’re on Sunset Time.
Day long grind
put behind the dime pick-up.
Mix with the riff raff,
lips laugh at time’s staff.
Holding all knowing
a string in the air,
one father’s a bother,
the older ones care.
With young love,
the night blood,
and shutter the flow.
‘Cause it gets cold, hold stance,
dance in the night.
Close to the fright
you might miss opportune flick.
The mystic has said it,
the stars will turn red.
You scratch and bled.
The bed’s too comfy?
It must be your head.
You hit it?
You hid it.
Now pin down the minute
you sensed and you fit it;
you lie if you let it.
So hold on to all
because all will recall
when you’re left in the hall:
Midnight stands tall.

Life is not visible,
but presence of death
reminds of the pleasures
in life’s breaths.
Dark cloud around
sound pitched drum.
Light rip and rain drip
phone cable makes a stable hum.
Softly singing in the rain,
I’m ringing in the brain.
Cloud cover overcast,
sever a connection
when your love’s electrocution,
what’s the use in saving sun?
An ocean lined with riddles,
and I fiddle in a puddle, sing.
The subtle sound of seeping rain
will soon collect to drain.
By pain of excess,
heaving chest,
the master climbs under.
A summer soon relieved of winter;
Rain recedes to join the churning sea.
A burning plea
this storm cloud lights,
The clock bell strikes,
and blue sky takes the night flights.

We’re on Sunset Time
Goodbye’s are in order.
We’re on Sunset Time
Goodbye’s are over.

Sunshine Decay

Written By: J. Hintz

In a room that sounds more alive,
can you feel the overdrive
buzzing like a bee hive.
I sing to bring pride
to the waters,
and still honor
the spirits who tried.
Hoping a slippery
rocky mountain slope
I can cope
with Inwood compote.
Sunny Side of the hilly mote.
Was it silly?
Was I willing for a shilling,
holding crumbled crying ceilings.
Spread my wings
to looks and things.
Three or four golden rings.
Make it to heaven
baking leavened bread
going straight to your head;
if you’re like Cobain, dead.
Well, the hawk fled
when you lost mind
half way up the climb.
We’ll just scale it tomorrow,
let the animal follow,
never when the sound’s hollow.
Can’t climb back if you half hack;
No proper prepared pack,
like a slack, you lack.

Let the Sun shine.
Once it begun,
Leave it all behind.
Let the Sun shine.
When it gets undone,
Leave it all behind.
Let the Sun Shine.
And you think no one’s won,
Leave it all behind.
Let the Sun Shine.
And just for fun,
Leave it all behind.

Tails of the fails and trails
of when ideals turn gray
by another man’s way.
But when four score
went for more
than fair share of the floor.
Whole missing and wincing
a dissident’s gore.
Tell us more.
Tell of seashells and dollars
that washed up on shore.
With new talent and talons
that tug at the tent.
What was spent,
what went sour,
and how after lent
The Pope John Paul second
is tall on the lesson
of when he was young,
lungs of oppression
would breath on the gun.
Instead of resistance
a life to one flung.
Put a face to it,
faith to it,
pace to it, sun.

Let the Sun shine;
Sunshine decay.

Play Your Ax

Written By: J. Hintz

Got the tube delay
for a stow away.
Circle your head,
sound astray.
You have to intuit what I say.
Play the keys,
squeeze the breeze.
You freeze to hear
another Julz A tease.
At the sound of the gun,
everybody run.
It just takes one
to leave a shoelace undone,
and trip up the fun.
So, I got to keep playing,
club man’s saying.
You better take care,
with the pressurized air:
I got the groove,
when the bellows move
and the whole crowd stare.
Skinny white boy flair
that you can’t compare.
Go ahead and try,
but I’m not another guy.
Snoop got the scoop and said,
clear as a train sigh,
“Why ask why?”
I got a little riff,
and you got a little whiff,
but the sound wave swell
knocked you off the cliff.
Lost in leisure wear
without a care
because a new sound slips
in the air.
When you get lost
it’s hard to tell.
Follow the bell,
once you’ve learned it well.
Singing Pel-Mel;
Get up and yell!
Call back a wish
from the wishing well.

A simple request sent,
dead in my tracks:
“Hey Julz A,
won’t you play your ax?”
Another little lip line,
dead in my tracks:
“Hey Julz A,
won’t you play your ax?”
A subtle sublime slide,
dead in my tracks:
“Hey Julz A,
won’t you play your ax?”
Sucka’ slip outta’ line,
dead in my tracks:
“Hey Julz A,
won’t you play your ax?”

Sugar rush,
push the dust
out of my brain.
Seeping sound
for a growing grain.
Plant a seed
and bleed from the ears,
as the food buzz
shows love from my peers.
On stage cheers
Then the sound smears,
but no fear a near miss.
My bliss is clear:
Must hear my music,
not to abuse it
though it may confuse.
Itchy loose canon,
a bellows, the fellows agree,
though to some it’s debris;
Make believe, they decree.
This remnant a pendant
of punctual penance,
and purposeful sentence,
from a glance;
My personal stance.
And now you have a chance
to witness circumstance.
Go ahead, get up and dance.


Written By: J.Hintz

Late one Sunday
I proceed and roam.
A wayward song
With steed and tone.
I see a vision,
Classic and true,
With wicker wonder baskets
Backed in blue.
Once on the passage,
A watchful eye.
While in the distance
Whistles cry.
You see my face;
It looks at you.
I�m on that train
That just missed you.
With writing flavored
Reading anew
For minds of old times,
Savored, grew.
Into intense
Imagined passion,
It goes with less talk
Actions do.
Proceed from equal
Interest won.
I wish this moment�s
Dream may some day be true.

Fortified with inside knowledge.
Fortified, it polishes my pride.
Fortified. We�re made for moments,
We own them forever,
together we stride.

My other half today,
She�s so far away,
Looking close to the day
I sail to her bay for a simple sway.
Makes me wonder what thunder,
What must lie ahead.
Where�s my next bed?
I hope it�s close to you.
My head always set,
It�s set to stay true.
While I pay my due,
May our dreams come true.
When I look at the moon
I see your silhouette through.
Sift the message,
The message review.
Choose the right song for my swan
With moment�s sight strong.
I say I�ll be right back,
I won�t be long.
Then I take a breath,
The breadth of our horizon
The distance is drawn.
I sing a sad song, but not for long.
My friends they stick,
They stick like glue.
And when I�m feeling blue,
You know, they know what to do.

Fortified with inside knowledge.
Fortified, it polishes my pride.
Fortified. We�re made for moments,
We own them forever,
together we stride.


Written By: J.Hintz

I’m hungry.
Hungry for some food.
Hungry for a mood change;
Feeling like I’m out of range.
Why’s it always feel strange?
Question bending,
Plot deranged.
Hungry now I’ve been estranged;
Written out,
On the bench,
Banned and broken, a battled wrench.
Stick in, or stuck out?
Both ways fall
While on the fence.
No longer making sense.
Is life such a bore?
Falcon soar, my wings sore.
Feet on the floor,
To what end, what for?
Will I make the score?
Could I make it more?
Take it down the shore.
I’m hungry.
Ground falls under me.
when’s my next chance to flee.
Up a tree, out to sea.
Once I had it, Tragically.

Feel the Breeze
Under me,
It sends me…

Now I’m hungry.
Can’t move on.
Now I’m hungry.
Once again,
I’m choosing wrong:
All needs are gone,
Still I sing this song.
Was the stove left on?
Now I’m hungry,
Will I ever find my way?
Now I’m hungry,
What can I say?
I’m hungry.
Hungry for food.
Hungry for you
Hungry to do good through
And move you.
Hungry’s what I should do.
I’m hungry for peace,
Hungry for my piece.
Hungry for new life,
A life without hunger.
Hunger’s what keeps me under,
and leads me to plunder.
While hunger’s a source
of my need to find wonder.
I wonder what life would be like without hunger,
But then I get hungry,
and hunger’s the funder
Of wanting much more.
I’ll handle the chore.
Just give me the life load I’m asking for.

Look At That

Written By: J. Hintz

Wanna see how far you’ll go.
What you’ll say after the show.
Felt your pull, the undertow.
Watch me sail when I ask.
Look at that.
I heard she’s looking fine.
Look at that.
I’m thinking I could make her mine.
Look at that.
I’m looking for a sign
Freeze…I’m looking.

I wanna’ see her.
I wanna’ be with her.
I wanna' free her.
I wanna' see.
I’m looking,
I’m looking,
I’m looking,
I’m looking,
I’m looking,

Wanna see how far you’ll go.
What you’ll say when my love grows.
Wonder if my feelings glow.
Watch me as I ask her…
Look at that.
I heard she’s looking fine.
Look at that.
I’m thinking I could make her mine.
Look at that.
I’m looking for a sign
Freeze…I’m looking.

I’m looking for someone to love
I’m feeling lucky.
Did she just smile at me?
Do I feel lucky?
If we have a moment shared,
Did I get lucky?
And when unrequited love should find,
Who’s the lucky one?

Look at that.
Look at that!
Look at that…


"Hungry" Single, 2012
"Look At That" EP, 2011
"Look At That" Single, 2010
"Life On Marz" LP, 2009
"Squeeze Right" EP, 2007 (Lost Penny Music)
"Live From Here" LP, 2007 (Dameusic)
"Squeeze Rock" EP, 2005 (Lost Penny Music)
"Urban Shocker" LP, 2004 (Head Fulla Brains)
"Gibberish Junk" LP, 2002 (Lost Penny Music)

Set List

Favorite Julz-A originals: "Sunset Time", "Look At That", "Fortified", "I Tried", "Sunshine Decay", "Play Your Ax", "Crazay", "Where? (In The Words)" and many more.

Favorite covers: Primus "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver", Jay-Z "Empire State Of Mind", Outkast "Ms. Jackson", The Who "Squeeze Box", Jimi Hendirx "Purple Haze", Beck "Hell Yes" among others.

A single set is 35 minutes or longer, leaving the audience energized, hyped and wanting more!

Two or more sets always bring out endless fun for any type of crowd.