Stann Smith

Stann Smith

Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Being Featured in the Huffington Post, exceeding 10,000 Views on Youtube in less than 5 months while playing his Harmonica, you can guarantee Stann Smith will bring a clean high quality Unique Hip Hop performance to your festival, Venue or Conference that your audience will fall in love with.



Gearing up for his Debut EP to release Independence Day 2012, Stann Smith is an alternative hip hop artist/musician coming out of Brooklyn, NY known for breeding hip hop's biggest lyricist like BIG and Jay-Z. Being compared to A Tribe Called Quest and The Lost Boys, Stann Smith fuses lyrically dexterity over acid jazz drums with electronic synth sounds inspired by afrobeat, and funk. Directing, filming, and Releasing music videos entirely on his own in 2012, Stann Smith has the DIY attitude that propelled hip hop artist like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y. Focusing on the Northeast USA Stann Smith is concerned with building his buzz and launching a tour in surrounding markets around NYC using Megabus as his means of transportation.


Young, Radical, and Organized

Written By: Stann Smith

Young Radical and Organized Lyrics

Call a Girl a B Word hope She Don't got any stingers on

Top notch emcee but Sometimes I get my singing on

Circle of my friends when its hard Im who they Leaning on

/ Living out My Dreams I don't know why I be sleeping for/

Don't chase girls I be Chasing on My Chase Account/

Money over Pussy but thats where she push her babies out s

So I show respect she disrespect herself with crazy blouses

your body is a temple not a lake or mountain/

with ya crazy locomotive motives/

Have em running trains and swallowing his scrotum/

A Pimp told me once never love a ho

he was in the business of it I was just uncomfortable

Im tryna Save Humanity

he tryna crave his vanity

acute as popularity

attract him like polarity of negative things

like a prank on his peers/

love at first sight is for the bliss unaware yeah

Chorus: Young Radical and Organized/ Ya Know it/ Everyking over Everything #EKOET/ Lifestyle of the Reckless and the Super Sober/ We live Life for The Moment cuz we own it x2

Keep it 'Cere when i rap i never switch slang/

Everyking Gang/ See me through UV Frames/

I Youtube it If I watch it never bluRay/

I got a PS3 and tons of PS2 games/

But cant play em San Andreas was my favorite yup/

Then Fight For NY I haymaker punch/

Link Duels When That Tag Force 6 Come

or Modern Warfare if you on that PSN Club/

Not a Gamer But I Play it Avid

12 I had the Sega Saturn

64 with Mario to save the Palace/

Milk and Cereal Bars whenever Smith Snackin/

Cinnamon Toast or Honey Nut/

With Tropicana's the formula for when I wake up/

Bow Ties And Luck/

Super Sober then it's Us/

Snaps High For The Cere'est/

Everyking until they kill us/

Broke a Mirror/

Never Superstitious Unemployed Winner -


Chorus: Young Radical and Organized/ Ya Know it/ Everyking over Everything #EKOET/ Lifestyle of the Reckless and the Super Sober/ We live Life for The Moment cuz we own it x6


Promotional Records
•Hello (featuring P3 Heartagram and 6EE) (Released July 12,2009) Featured on DJ Bleez’s Mixtape
The Reflection of Life Through Stained Glass
•Gimme Some (released 6/10/2010)
•The Excitement (released 6/24/2010)
•Ruff Draft (released 7/3/2010)
•Broke (Release 8/6/2010)
•Young Radical and Organized (Release 11/7/2011)
•Withers (Release 1/4/2012)
•What's The Hurry? (Release 3-4-2012)
• The Hare and The Tortoise (Released 6-6-2012)
•Debut EP 2nd @ Race America (Scheduled to Release 7-4-2012)

Set List


Young Radical and Organized

Hopes and Dreams


It Was Never About Winning (Blood Water Tears and Milk)