Stolen Rhodes

Stolen Rhodes

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA



Picked to perform on the Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man Cruise (11/2014)
2013 Stone Pony Houseband
Featured on Fuse TV
Showcased at Sundance Film Festival
MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Showcase
Appeared on the Artie Lange Show on DirectTV
Headlined Theater of Living Arts

Opened for National Acts including :

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Dropkick Murphys (2X)
Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Blackberry Smoke
Gloriana (2x)
Cheap Trick
Breathe Carolina
Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers
Third Eye Blind
Michael McDonald
The Hunts
12 Stone
Antigone Rising
Josh Gracin
38 Special
Edwin Mccain
Walter Wolfman Washington
Nick Clemons
Dan Stevens of the Dead Milkmen
Diamond Rio
Edgar Winter Band
Adler's Appetite
Angie Stone
Her & Kings Country
Stephen Cochran
Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers
Black 47
Automatic Fire


Greater Media 93.3 WMMR's Artist of The Month October 2012

Featured on CBS College Sports Pregame Show

Accepted into the Armed Forces Entertainment Program

Performed during a taping of Food Network's Dinner Impossible with chef Rob

"I usually describe us as American or Americana Rock to most folks," explains Stolen Rhodes' singer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Pillion. "If folk music were turned up to eleven and included guitar solos, I think you would get in the ballpark of what we are. Our music pulls no punches, and we always speak from the heart while in verse."


Upon hearing the group's new EP, 'Slow Horse,' you're sure to agree with Pillion's assessment. Listing such renowned/respected acts as Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Pearl Jam as their main influences, the group (which also includes guitarist Kevin Cunningham, bassist Dan Haase, and drummer Eric Skye) has already garnered rave reviews from the press, including the following blurbs:


"Stolen Rhodes' songs easily could have existed in 1975; there are lots of infectious melodies, rousing choruses and juicy guitar solos." --


"I was swept away by their romantic notions; of big dreams, endless love, and freedom. I could also get lost in the neverending choruses just as much as the guitars and drums and keys that make this album a long jam session that I didn’t want to end." --


Originally formed during 2008 in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Stolen Rhodes has a total of three releases to their credit thus far, 2009's 'From the Dark Side of 88' EP, 2011's 'Falling Off the Edge' full length, and this year, the aforementioned 'Slow Horse' EP.


"The major memory I will take away from 'Slow Horse' is working with David Ivory," recalls Haase. "Personally, I learned a lot about not necessarily how to write songs, but how to craft what I have written into a song. There are a lot of little things in the songs that we have written that the band never thought twice about, but after Dave heard them, he was coming back at us with new ideas. New arrangements. New, and most times more effective ways of delivering our music. Then I would go home and listen to a song on the radio, and I could hear some of the ideas that Dave was coming up with in music I would hear on MMR or XPN. It was really awesome to work with someone who challenged us like Dave did." And as heard by such standout tracks as "Keeps Me Alive," "50 Miles," and "Life Was Never Finer," the team of Ivory and the band worked wonders.


And judging by the acts that the quartet has already opened shows for (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jackyl, Blackberry Smoke, etc.), the lads can bring it live, as well. As Pillion points out, "Expect to see a live show that will knock you on your ass, and keep you in the moment from start to finish. Playing live is what it’s all about for me, there’s nothing like it. When we go on that stage, we give the audience everything we have, and we have a great time doing it. We hope that energy and excitement translates to our audience."


Lastly, what lays ahead for Stolen Rhodes? "Just keep hitting the road, and playing music for anyone who cares to hear," predicts Haase. "The only way to grow is to get in front of people, and the more people we get in front of, and the more people that enjoy us, the more likely they are going to bring a friend next time we roll into town. We just gotta keep on truckin', and keep putting in all the hard work it takes to be a rock and roll band in 2014."



Keeps me Alive

Written By: Matt Pillion

I can see the sunrise
I've been up all night
From the depths of the deluge comes the light
We all need something to believe in
You find it when hope is gone
It'll lift you up, give you shelter till the dawn

Never saw the morning
I swear my whole life I was blind
And the weight of the world weighs so heavy on my mind
So I reach for some understanding
Just a little bit of clarity
And some peace of mind
Is all this meant to be

I believe it's true that there's more to life than flesh and bone
I believe in you, and how my love for you will always grow
It keeps me alive, it keeps me alive
And we hold onto anything that gets us through the night

There's a bird out on the power line
With a song he's sung so many times before
And the distant city whispers rise into a roar
They'll say today is a day of reckoning
I fall down on my knees and pray
Take the shirt off my back, but you can't take my dreams away

I believe it's true that there's more to life than flesh and bone
It keeps me alive, it keeps me alive
And we hold onto anything that gets us through the night
Anything that gets us through the night

You prove it to me, prove it to me like you do
I'm asking you prove it to me, prove it to me like you do
We dive into the fray on this forsaken day

It keeps me alive, it keeps me alive
And we hold onto anything that gets us through the night
It keeps me alive, it keeps me alive
And we hold onto anything that gets us through the night
I hold onto anything that gets us through the night