The Black Tie Party

The Black Tie Party


Dark, loud, noisy, chaotic punk rock.



The Black Tie Party has a new 9 song record called BE INNOCENT, recorded and mixed at The Fort and mastered at 4130 Mastering, available upon request. You can hear the first 3 tracks here or on myspace. Master received on February 2nd, 2009 (release date/label TBA).

The Black Tie Party combines a mix of garage, power pop, punk, soul, no wave, and rock 'n' roll (among other noises) to create a genre breaking sound. They have been described as anything from "noise pop" to "art punk" to "slutty garage rock".


Jay Honstetter: The Break Up / Breakup Breakdown / Fast Boyfriends.
Larry Gorman: Glassjaw/ Head Automatica/ Orange 9mm.
Adam Bucsek: Like Braille to the Blind/ Electric People (current).
Ana Becker: Fast Boyfriends.


-TBTP won the Gorilla Productions "NYC Battle of the Bands" @ the Knitting Factory in 2008.
-They've shared the stage with Reagan Youth and Sham 69 on a night when Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and The Voidoids/ The Foundations) joined the band on stage for a cover of "Love Comes In Spurts".


The Black Tie Party will be playing New York City on the regular and doing weekends beginning in late February to support BE INNOCENT. Now equipped with 3 singers and an arsenal of nearly 40 songs (and counting), they plan to tour the country over the Summer 2009.


Distribution and a booking agent.



BE INNOCENT (release date TBA)

1. Be Innocent
2. Never Let You Go
3. Sunday Afternoon
4. When You Find Out (The Nerves)
5. Devil In My Mind
6. Liza
7. Private School
8. I Need To Know (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers)
9. 45 Spins

EX LOVERS AND SCARS (self released 07)

1. Tale of Two Ivans
2. Ex-Lovers and Scars
3. Black Chalk
4. Liza
5. It's Dark Again
6. BQE
7. Act V Scene 1

Set List

(set list subject to change)

1. Be Innocent
2. Liza
3. Sunday Afternoon
4. When You Find Out (The Nerves)
5. Never Let You Go
6. Private School
7. Devil In My Mind
8. I Need To Know (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
9. 45 Spins
10. Tale of Two Ivans