The Castros

The Castros

 Westerville, Columbus, Ohio, USA

He's from Costa Rica, She's from Ohio. They make music. And they aim to make your day brighter with it!


"A musical feast for the heart, some may say. And we agree" -Indie Mag, 2013

Founded in 2009, The Castros's journey would actually start three summers before when Marco and Sara met in Savannah GA for the first time. Sara picked up her guitar to show Marco her new song, and then attempted to teach him how to play the instrument. The rest was history.
Their name you ask? Well, it just happens to be their surname!

Years passed by, and The Castros would grow to become a staple in its growing Columbus music scene. They got selected to represent the city at its Bicentennial and also were named Best Local Band 2013 by (614) Magazine.
This past summer they embarked on a European Tour that hit major markets in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, and enjoyed a good amount of press and radio coverage. They also joined the roster of prestigious Swedish music group JONO Music and released a brand new album titled "My Dear" that has enjoyed regional and international airplay.

Their music is not easy to describe to the everyday listener, but knowing a little bit about their backgrounds may help: Marco is from Costa Rica and has been influenced by everything from heavy music to latin rhythms; Sara grew up in Newark OH listening to classic rock and folk music.
It's no wonder how this collapse of influences and cultural conversation makes them want to push envelopes and thrive to be unique. They even have songs in Spanglish :)

The Castros try to craft their songs so that they can have greater depth and be meaningful, and may ultimately help unveil the heart to open it up to the infinitness of furious agape LOVE. 

That's in essence what The Castros are: a musical treat for the heart.


*European Tour Dates Jul-Aug '14: Click here to see all dates from our recent European tour.

They have been featured in festivals and events such as:

-Songs & Whispers Circuit (Germany, Aug 2014)
-TEDx Columbus (2013)
-200Columbus: The Bicentennial of Columbus Ohio (2012)
-Columbus Arts Festival (2012-13)
-MidWest Fair Trade Fest (Ohio State University, 2011-14)
-LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival (Lancaster PA, 2012)
-Millennium Music Conference (Harrisburg PA, Feb 2012)
-Cornerstone Festival (Bushnell IL, 2010-11)
-Wood and Wire Folk Festival (Lancaster OH, 2011)
-Paper City Music Festival (2012)
-Indie On The Brink (Nashville, TN, 2011)
and more

Touring Band Support
Sixpence None The Richer, Twin Forks, Mike Mains & The Branches, The Bright Light Social Hour, Kye Kye, David Wax Museum, Abandon Kansas, Rue Royale [UK], Hanna Fearns [DE], Hidden Hospitals, Fever Fever, Timbre and Jason Dunn.

Their relentless schedule have taken them to several locations in the US and Europe, sharing stage with a lot of other great artists such as Over The Rhine, Anberlin, Shovels and Rope, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, O'Brother, Gungor, P.O.D. and international acts such as Massive Scar Era [Egypt], Grand Trunk Travellers [Sweden], Blindside [Sweden], Jess McAllister [UK], Senekah [IRL/DE], Peter Crawford [UK] and more.

Other accolades
-200Columbus: The Bicentennial -"Celebrate Columbus in song" official selection [2012]. 
-"Best Local Band" at the (614)Magazine ColumBEST 2013 awards. 2nd place in 2012 and 2014 with a total of 4 nominations.
-Columbus Songwriters Association (CSA) Oktoberfest 2014 winner.

2011 - "The Tiny Airplane"
2012 - "Here In Columbus" Single
2014 - "My Dear"

Current projects include a remixes EP and a Spanish album!

"If you listen closely to their [live set] self-described indie-pop folk, you can hear elements of salsa music, heavy metal and classic rock.(...) they pushed each other in the right directions to create something that is different and familiar all at the same time" -C Magazine, 2012


My Dear

Written By: Sara Castro

The Castros - My Dear
Lyrics by: Sara Castro ©2013 The Castros Music
Capo 4 (Am, Em) / (C#m, G#m) Key of B or E

Winter has come and gone, my dear
All that is left is sun, my dear
When will you come around and hear
My call for you, I call for you, my dear

Oooo Ooooooh, Oooo ooo oooh

Open your lonely eyes, my dear
I’m standing by your side, my dear
Lift your head to the sky and hear
My song for you, my song for you, my dear

Oooo Ooooooh, Oooo ooo oooh
Oooo Ooooooh, Oooo ooo oooh

Strong is my love for you, my dear
Enough to carry you, my dear
When will you come around and hear
My cry for you, I cry for you, my dear

Oooo Ooooooh, Oooo ooo oooh
Oooo Ooooooh, Oooo ooo oooh

When will you come around and hear
My song for you, it’s all for you, my dear


-The Tiny Airplane (2011)
"This World (The Tiny Airplane) is one of those great, powerful songs that can take you to another, better place. Lovely, soft, lilting melody; beautiful singing" -Frank Smith - Sills & Smith (2011)

-Here in Columbus [single] (2012)
200Columbus: The Bicentennial -"Celebrate Columbus in song" Official Selection [2012]
The song has been featured in radio stations such as NPR Radio Columbus (90.5 - and 102Five The Alternative Station ( )

-My Dear (2014)
The album has been featured in Radio Fyris, Uppsala Sweden( ), Radio Jade, Jever Germany ( ), Radio Weser TV, Bremen Germany ( ), NPR Radio Columbus OH (90.5 - and more.

Set List

This is our typical set list for a standard hour-long set:

My Dear
Pumpkin Pie
Eleanor Rigby
Secret Song
Here In Columbus
Of Dust And Nations
Tin Cans
Furious Love
The Journey
This World [The Tiny Airplane]
Forgive Me

Encore: Amazing Grace