The Code Kids

The Code Kids


The Code Kids is a new Midwestern band with a stripped down, garage-rock-alternative sound, similar to that of The Replacements, Dramarama & Husker Du.


It started with a break up and finished with a four piece – yet somehow they’re still alive. The Chicago loud mouths that make up The Code Kids are bringing in some raw Midwestern flavor, even if only one of them is from the area. With a sloppy, stripped down, garage-alternative sound, similar to that of The Replacements, Dramarama & Hüsker Dü, The Code Kids are creating highly accessible music that’s still hip enough to chalk up at the water cooler on boring Tuesdays.

The four just finished their first out-of-town tour, where they visited sacred Midwestern hot spots like Madison, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. Things have been wild and there’s no indication of slowing down, either. Currently, the band is prepping a follow up to last year’s debut EP, We Sell It Back To You When You Beg, which will include live favorites “Moving Walkways”, Short Circuitry”, and “How Very.” With the slushy winter out of the way, the band's looking ahead to brighter days, literally and metaphorically speaking.


Good For You

Written By: Michael Roffman

If time is a thing, it's the same for me, and a blur for you
Excuse me if I'm rude.
You walk with a stick, but the stick's a twig, and it's snapped in three.
Our life is too complete.

Cos I'm not feeling good.

I'm banging my head, I can feel the cracks, I can see the end.
And I'm sure you're thinking the same... thing too.
These walls are too high, and my feet too short, with my head too numb.
And I'm tired to try again.

It's easy to fall, but it's harder to break again and again.
Unless you're willing to stand.
Better to say goodbye to that conscience your mother's proud of, it's got no use.
You're likely for more abuse.


We Sell It Back To You When You Beg EP
On Hold Since 1983 EP - Coming May 2009

Set List

Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere
Andrew McCarthy
It's Gonna Rain
I Ain't Calling
Kiki's At It Again
My Headache is Bigger Than Yours
How Very
Clinical Mom
Short Circuitry
Moving Walkways
Good For You


Anything, Anything (Dramarama cover)
Hey Sandy (Polaris cover)
Gut Feeling (Devo cover)
Wave of Mutilation (Pixies cover)
Take Me To The Hospital (Replacements cover)
Customer (Replacements cover)
Hell in High Water (Toadies cover)
Let's Go Down To The Woods (Screaming Blue Messiahs cover)
Breed (Nirvana cover)
New York City Cops (Strokes cover)